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Boys Love

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You’re so special to me and you make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world, thank you.

Nothing beats the feeling of spending the night with someone you love, gazing at the stars, making love until you both fall asleep under a full Californian moon… incredibly grateful to be able to share our intimate moments with the world ???

With love Dane & Tyler xo

Akira’s Instant Fuck

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American tourist Jeff is back, lying on the bed, horny and DTF. He’s more than ready when sexy Akira hops onto the bed and pops a dick up his ass with barely a hello. Jeff bumps his booty into Akira’s stiff woody with every groaning thrust. It’s not TOTALLY easy, and Jeff pulls a few grimaces as that dick rams his butt, but he’s into it.

Jeff wraps his legs up around Akira’s waist and pulls him in closer. The horny studs roll over into a relaxed, comfy position and Akira slides in deep and sensuously. Open and enjoying every second now, Jeff climbs on and rides Akira like there’s no tomorrow. But this isn’t where their hookup ends–they step into the shower for some rub-a-dub jerking and oral. Akira sucks Jeff’s big thick tool until he’s at the edge, then they grab each other’s dicks to see who will spurt their sperm first. Akira cums in Jeff’s hand, then kneels as Jeff sprays his sticky load onto his squeaky clean body. Akira gives an appreciative lick and smiles.

Tied Up Yusaku

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Handsome, soft-spoken Ruito doesn’t seem the likeliest candidate to play the leather master, but edgy Yusaku really gets his gonads in high gear by being bound at the wrists and bossed around. So Ruito dutifully leads him in on a leash tied to the wrist cuffs. Yusaku is so hot and ready that he eagerly slurps down Ruito’s dick when he peels out of his briefs.

White socks orgy

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What’s hotter to a clothes fetishist than a man in his socks, escpecially clean white athletic socks. We get a bunch of our hottest friends, thirsty tops and slutty bottoms, to lay off fucking for a few days then come to our orgy in their sport socks, long or short. It’s all sex, no talking, just naked studs in white socks, and you’re gonna love it.

Japanese twinkboys

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Subscribe 288 Daddy Fucks Asian Boy Arjo Raw

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This slim Asian twink has been using his enormous cock to fuck Asian boys for a long time. But now Daddy gets his turn to show him what a big raw cock fuck is all about. I started with my usual finger fuck and ass rimming foreplay. This reluctant gay Asian bottom boy seemed to only really enjoy the ass rimming. Although he was willing to bottom for me, I could tell he’s in no way a bottom. And rightfully so with a cock that size. But it sure was nice to see this Asian boy get his cumuppance!

Gay Asian Twinkz: Fuck Me Long Time

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Javey Fucked By Straight Stud

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Javey jumped all over this hot cute straight Asian stud the moment he laid eyes on him. Who wouldn’t? Whenever Javey has gay sex, he’s doing it all for that tasty cum shot in his mouth at the end. So Javey sucks Jesse good and hard then takes a long solid ass pounding from the str8 Pinoy stud. Then Jesse strokes out a massive load all over Javey’s face and in his mouth.

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