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SexPig Game, PeterFever’s Gay Squid Game parody

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“Fuck This Game!”

Our players are getting one more game to see who wins the big cash, but by now their gonads are cranked up to eleven and they are horny for more hot sexpig RAW FUCKING. So now they, joined by a mysterious newcomer, Player 8 1/2″ (the VIP who desperately wanted to kick back as a sexpig player), gather on the playing field with visions of sweet dick dancing in their little brains. When the Front Man calls the games to order, Player 96 and Player 69 rush the stage armed with big brutal dildos. They overcome the Front Man and Guard with calls to “Fuck this stupid game, we’re SEXPIGS!” and inspire the whole gang to get busy screwing their brains out in a no-holes-barred, bareback ORGY!

Down on the grass in the warm sun, five sexpigs (Dane, Danny, Nolan, Rave and Trent) toss aside their differences and get down to the most primal game of all, sticking hard cocks into warm wet mouths and tight twitching asses. After the best sperm-splattering good time is had by all, they invite us in, sexpigs around the world–“Wanna PLAY?!”

Introducing Nolan Knox

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26-year old Nolan is tall, slim and versatile, with a lean muscular build and a disarming smile. A sexy mix, he’s Thai-Vietnamese-American, born and raised in LA. Now living in Virginia, Nolan confesses that he’s a “bit of an exhibitionist”, a great attribute for a budding porn guy. He never considered doing studio porn before one of his exes posted their sex tape on a popular gay tube site. Getting paid for what he enjoyed doing made sense so a porn star was born. Nolan did some fan site uploads and came to PeterFever for his first studio shoot. Impressed with how organized the shoot was scheduled and produced as well as how nice the production crew and other models were, he’s happy to be a new part of our galaxy of Asian stars.

Nolan first thought about being gay when his crushes were on other boys. His first experience was a date with a school friend where his father drove him to the buddy’s house. Nolan loves skin care and taking care of his appearance, and it shows. Standing in the cool waterfall of a desert gay resort, he runs his hands through his thick black hair and reaches down to his big cock. This is a guy that enjoys his body and loves having us watch him getting off. He dries off on a lounge in the warm sand and begins stroking. His legs up and apart, we catch a glimpse of his firm tan butt. He gives us a seductive glance and his nuts pull up tight into firing position. He licks his lip and gets ready to blow. A thick spurt of creamy jizz rockets out onto his tight little waist. Nolan moans with satisfaction and beams as he tastes his sticky fingers.

Three point spa, couple package

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Victor decides to expose the SPA masseur’s secret.
He invites his boyfriend, Randy, to enjoy the “couple package” with him.
Obviously, things are not going according to plan.
But no total loss. The couple found out how to love and care for each other.


Dun & Jack’s weekend night

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Ever since Jack joined us for Overload, he can’t get his hot sexual experiences of that night out of his mind. Needless to say, the guests all loved “having him” as well. Now Duncan and Jack have an invitation to a master’s playroom for a dirty weekend. There’s a gangbang to keep them busy and well entertained, while the master of the house and his horny guests get to share in the fun. We’d call that a wonderful weekend, wouldn’t you!


Mating test3

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The next newbie in our training challenge is a power top. He’s hung, in great condition and has the energy to keep a fuck going, and going, and going. But let’s see how he does in the heat of action. When we set him up with a power bottom, this top really lives up to the hype. Every stroke and thrust is exactly what Bird needs to satisfy his hunger for cock. Just look at the contented look on his face. Great job!

Bobby and Don’s Massage

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Bobby is an excellent masseur, famed for his magic touch. Timid Don lays lays in the massage bed, in the process of enjoyable the massage, when Don feels a mischievous provocation on his body. Bobby can no longer contain his desires with Don’s moans, so Don decides to seduce Bobby into understanding him more deeply. With a hot fuck and an amazing cum eating facial ending, we can say that the massage is not only the best foreplay, but also provides the happiest ending.

Japanese twinkboys

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Lance And Warren

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Young Warren is just 19 and he’s just come out to his friend Lance. The two Asian boys have been friends for a while, and Lance was excited to hear this news. He has had an overwhelming fuck-lust for Warren ever since they met.

Subscribe 288 Daddy Fucks Asian Boy Arjo Raw

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This slim Asian twink has been using his enormous cock to fuck Asian boys for a long time. But now Daddy gets his turn to show him what a big raw cock fuck is all about. I started with my usual finger fuck and ass rimming foreplay. This reluctant gay Asian bottom boy seemed to only really enjoy the ass rimming. Although he was willing to bottom for me, I could tell he’s in no way a bottom. And rightfully so with a cock that size. But it sure was nice to see this Asian boy get his cumuppance!

Kinky Medical Fetish Asians Simon and Argie

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Big Dick Asianboy Barebackers

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Cute and his horny friend over for a gay Asian fuck and suck fest. He shows his friend how to take it up the ass in every possible position. The steamy encounter gets even better when the guys start to kiss. His twink friend is an expert in stretching tight twink holes. So we see him with his hot ass wide open, asking for more. As his partner punishes his friend with a dildo.


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The Small Dick Dilema, cute asianboys fuck.

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Jacob has been struggling to get his cock to stay in CJ’s ass because of two factors. CJ has an “innie” ass hole, and Jacob has a small dick. But where there’s a will there’s a way to bareback fuck, and Jacob finds it. The two gay Asian boys finally get their gay bareback rhythm going and CJ shoots his cum while getting fucked, and Jacob has to even struggle to get his load out, but manages to wank one out as well.

Fuck Me More Doctor (asianboy)

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The gay Asian patient, after having been thoroughly dildo fucked continues the blow job on his kinky doctor. Then he looks up and says, “Fuck me doctor!” Far be it for this gay sex craved doctor to refuse such a request. With his cock all boned up and fully erect, the horny gay Asian doctor lays on the exam table while Marcon mounts his big dick for a bareback ride. But Marcon isn’t going to let him off that easily. Now he wants the hot doctor to drive. They change position as the horned up doctor bends his gay Asian patient over the exam table and fucks him fast and hard. “Oh yeah! Fuck me more doctor!” exclaims the horny Asian boy. This twink loves a bareback ass pounding. The doctor and patient continue their gay bareback sex in the medical exam room for a good long time until the worn out doctor explodes his cum all over the exhausted Asian boy’s back.


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