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Video: Young monk gets a hard-cocked initiation – Not to mention a face-load of jizz! HD

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Troy Stevenson is scandalised when he discovers gay porn on the computer of one of the novices – clearly he’s a young man of the old school. Fortunately, Will Sims is definitely of the liberal wing of the Church, and is more than capable of persuading the fellow that such antics as man-on-man fellatio and sodomy are God-given pleasures that at the very least deserve to be investigated.

As such it’s not at all long before cute-as-a-button Sims is inviting his blond-haired pal to find out what all the fuss is about – an invitation that Stevenson accepts with such aplomb that it’s difficult not to conclude that his initial revulsion was s tad disingenuous. Indeed, it’s clear from the start that the fellow is as excited as anyone at the prospect of indulging in a sweaty oral workout, followed by an even more heated fuck; and having savoured every inch of Sims’ gorgeous shaft with his mouth, the boy is soon riding the thick, meaty ramrod with that hungry little ass-hole of his.

What’s more, as if to underline his credentials as a total slut, the lad takes great pleasure in sucking off Sims between every change of position – no doubt tasting the scent of his own well-worn butt in the process! But it’s the simple sight of Stevenson’s pale, slim form being banged by Sims’ ethnic-looking knob that presents the greatest joy here – the eager bottom used like a rag doll without so much as a please or thank you from his lover. Given the amount of jizz that both boys spew in the scene’s final moments, however, it’s an arrangement that clearly meets with the approval of both these kids.

Video: Cock-sucking student buddies enjoy a break from studies with classroom fornication! HD

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Getting a good education is a definite must for students Lucius York and Connor Levi, but let’s be honest here and admit that getting laid probably comes even higher on these boys’ list of objectives. Or at least that’s the distinct impression that you get during the opening moments of this spunktastic scene, as the lads very quickly abandon their illusion of brain-enhancement – not to mention their glasses! – in favour of far more carnal interests. As a result it’s no time at all before newbie, York, is falling down onto his knees and giving his buddy’s cock some hardcore attention; whilst Levi is soon turning the tables by stripping his mate’s clothes off to reveal a gloriously hairless, uncut shaft that’s quite literally crying out for attention.

A little lube-enhanced foot-play adds to the charge of the encounter, but it’s not long before Levi is thrusting his engorged dick deep into York’s hungry little ass-hole – an act that appears to release the hidden slut in the horny bottom, who then promptly engages in a whole series of positions in an effort to gain the satisfaction that he’s clearly craving. Fortunately for him, Levi’s more than equipped where it counts to give a frustrated little fuck-buddy the full-on experience he needs; and by the time he’s being bashed over one of the classroom desks there’s very little that York doesn’t know about being the subject of full-on attention.

It’s clearly a revelation that works for the fellow, as he spews a fabulous wad of jizz all over his own belly; before Levi concludes his part in proceedings by whitewashing York’s ass-hole with a generous explosion!

Featured Movie: Black Does White 2

Black Does White 2                                                                                                                         Staxus


Staxus has been a leader in providing the best quality, most hung, interracial content in the industry and Black Does White 2 is no exception. These Eastern European guys are hungry for big black cock and they get more than they handle in this bareback feature that will leave you spent and amazed at what all these guys can accommodate in their willing holes.

Devon Lebron is Staxus’s “Ace In The Hole” and never disappoints. Every twink in Europe is chasing after his huge cock and, thankfully, Black Does White 2 features him throughout.Lucky twink Kris Wallace is the first one to fall prey to Lebron’s massive black dick. Wallace is no stranger to getting railed by the largest dicks in the industry and gladly takes up this challenge. Working a 9-5 job is hard work and Lebron is too tempting to pass up. Wallace is throat deep on that black mega dong in no time… priming the pump orally. Once all the clothes come off, it’s time for business and Lebron waste no time getting that huge black cock in the twinks tight hole. Fucked in every position possible, these guys can’t hold themselves back any longer. Wallace gets the load fucked right out of him then turns around for some ass to mouth action… savoring every drop of Lebron’s spunk.

There is something very erotic when a blonde, blue eye guy gets into some major black cock. Once again, Devon Lebron is there to give his friend exactly what he needs. Sven Larsson is no stranger to taking big dicks and Lebron’s huge cock immediately puts a smile on his face as he goes in to get a good taste. After some deep throat action and a bit of rimming Lebron’s that sexy black hole, it’s time to fuck some serious ass. It takes Larsson no time at all to sit down on that black cock and take it to the root. There is no doubt that cock is hitting all sides as he opens up his well worn hole to take every inch. They go at it in every position until Larsson can’t hold back any longer and gets the load beat out of him with all 10 inches of that perfect black meat. But always the good and attentive bottom, Larsson takes the time to finish off Lebron with his mouth and gladly eats Lebron’s sweet load.

Lebron is paired up with a HOT young muscle bottom and this bottom is aggressive! He can’t keep himself together as he devours that beautiful black cock and shows that he is going to take it one way or another. There is some amazing cock sucking going on and a rim job that you will not soon forget as this bottom eager ass opens up for Lebron’s tongue in a sexy gape. Obviously ready to take a serious pounding, Lebron takes over and fucks this blonde muscle ass like he owns it in every position possible ending up with the bottom on his shoulders, ass in the air and some amazing close ups of Lebron’s perfect cock going in and out of that pink hole. Again we are treated to an ass to mouth finish that is both naught, nice and full of cum.

The cherry on top of Black Does White 2 is the final orgy scene. Two white twinks paired with two young black studs sounds like a party and they prove that this is the case. Dancing and joking around, the clothes come off in a matter of minutes and these guys are ready for some ass dicking action. As expected there is no shortage of dick sucking, often times two cocks in one mouth action. One of the blonde twinks is in hog heaven as he works over the other three guys cocks at the same time. But why suck cock when it would feel better deep inside his ass and this is exactly what happens. The blonde twink is fucked relentlessly by all three friends, all taking turns sliding their raw cocks as deep as possible into his well fucked hole, resulting in one of the hottest double penetration scenes out there. This is a must see moment that will leave you hungry for more!

Black Does White 2 - Devon Lebron

Black Does White 2 - Kris Wallace


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