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Bareback Beach Bums

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Models: Ian Levine,Seth Andrews

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Description: Cute boy next door Ian Levine is sunbathing at the beach when a hot twink, Helix newbie Seth Andrews walks up and catches Ian’s eye. After the two smooth boys prance around on the beach they take the party back to Ian’s room where the real fun begins. Seth begins sucking Ian’s cock until it’s good and hard and then he sits down on Ian’s rock hard raw boner almost splitting his tight hole in two. Don’t miss cute new model Seth Andrews debut in this hot bareback scene.

Dick for Dante

Helix Studios + 8TeenBoy = 4000+ Videos just $2.95

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Description: The tousled mop tops on Spikey Dee, and Dante Clark frame the boy’s handsome faces, as their cock hungry kisses heat up the screen. Wandering hands harden huge cocks, grip firm, tight twink asses, and clothes seem to melt away. The boy’s can’t contain their big, bulging bones as they jut out from their jockey shorts. Dante’s curiosity about Dee’s already legendary appendage gets the best of him, and he gets the best of Dee’s dick! He chokes down the enormous, fat phallus, while looking up at Spikey, who’s dishing out deliciously dirty moans, and words of erotic encouragement. Dante whimpers out, “suck my dick,” and within a second, cock hungry Dee is on his knees, slurping like his life depends on it. After swallowing Dante’s delicious D to the base, Spikey takes a seat right on the spit slick schlong, easing his asshole all the way down. He quickly gets a righteously, raunchy rhythm going, causing his enormous dick to dance, and hop around hypnotically right at the camera. Clark can’t stop this sexy sesh without taking Spikey’s supersized schlong for a spin, so he bends over, and Dee drills that hungry hole for all he’s worth! The cock cam catches all the ass stretching action close up from underneath after Spikey gets the boy on his back. He jacks Clark’s cock as he pounds his ass raw and rough before Dante takes over, and juices his jock till it spits a giant load of jizz all the way up to his chest! Dee keeps punishing the hotties hole, then nuts all up inside the gorgeous guy’s guts.

Introducing: CJ Parker

Helix Studios + 8TeenBoy = 4000+ Videos just $2.95

Description: Hot off the heels of his sensational solo session, sexy newcomer, CJ Parker is paired with with certified superstar, Josh Brady in our uber popular series, “Introducing.” CJ comes in hot, and horny. The fresh, young pretty boy is a cock stiffening concoction of contradiction. His confidence cascades off the screen, while turning the tables on Brady- who’s supposed to be the one asking all the questions! CJ is pretty, and precocious, and just as curious about Brady! He probes the hot jock for info like a seasoned pro. Parker’s innocence also shines during the erotic interview. Our boy is absolutely adorable when asking, “what is go-go dancing?!” Brady handles the naughty newbie like the porn pro he is, getting CJ to give up the goods on his budding sexuality, having the privilege of not having to come out, and even his interest in BDSM. The confident cutie puts his flirt down hard when talking about taller guys. He asks Josh how tall he is; and, from then on, we’re off to the raunchy races! The tasty twosome tangle up, tasting one another’s tongues, as clothes are peeled away. After an epic make-out sesh, Parker plummets to his knees, and worships at the incredible alter of Josh’s juicy jock. Beefy Brady keeps a hand at the back of the boy’s head while driving that famous dick in deep. The hot hunk plants a kiss on pretty boy, then pushes him back on the bed, and throats his pole. CJ can’t hide the pleasure on his face. Josh notices, and decides to take it to the next level. He orders the smooth, succulent twink to turn over. Then, master Brady buries his face in that beautiful, hairless, bubble butt. Parker’s tight pucker pulses as Josh jimmies his thick thumb inside, before the horned up, young hottie begs to ride Josh’s giant. Bottom boy spreads his smooth, sexy legs on each side of his stud’s sturdy frame, then eases his horny hole down on that D. Brady meets him halfway, hammering his hunk hips up hard, as Parker moans with pleasure, trying to accommodate all Josh has to offer. After a wild, raw ride, Brady orders the lil’ dude onto his back, where he bangs him out like a beast! From there, juicy jocked Josh jams his Johnson in Parker’s pretty pucker from the side, making the bed rock. Cumming into the hard hammering, homestretch, Brady blasts the boy’s prostate with a delicious dick drilling, causing fresh cream to flood the screen! CJ makes an incredible first impression, closing out his first fuck flick with a gorgeous, goo filled boy button, brimming with Brady’s bionic-bone bust! Josh massages his man spunk into Parker’s perfect, pink hole, before the spent spunk-hunk plants a kiss on the delicious, freshly fucked newbie. Welcome to Helix, CJ!

Helixstudios: Sexy Switch Up

Helix Studios + 8TeenBoy = 4000+ Videos just $2.95

Description: Burning up the screen with cock stiffening chemistry, Garrett Kinsley and Cameron Moore ooze with erotic chemistry from the first kiss. After leading Cameron over to the bed, Kinsley takes control, pantsing the pretty boy then leaning back like a boss as the twink throats his thick dick. Filthy-mouthed Garrett gives his guy a few smacks on that beautifully smooth backside, and teases his hole with his fingers while the guy gobbles his knob. Then the dirty blond dude returns the favor with great abandon, before confidently laying back on the bed and letting Cameron hop on for a well stuffed ride. Kinsley cups the boy’s ample cakes, and crashes his hips up hard. Then the sexy snacks switch it up, and Garrett gets banged out on his back, with his heels to heaven. Next, cocksure Kinsley takes the top spot again and hammers the lil’ hottie to deliciously, dizzying, dirty talking, pleasure moaning magnificence that erupts all over Moore’s creamy skin. Cameron explodes and coats his creamy complexion with a hot, hearty load, followed by Kinsley, whose cock goes gangbuster, plastering Cameron’s freshly fucked hole in warm cum.

Models: Grayson Lange & Calvin Banks

Helix Studios + 8TeenBoy = 4000 Videos just $2.95

Helixstudios: Cosmic Connection

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Description: During a truly incredible date, highlighting one of the coolest, most out of this world, visually stunning, psychedelic attractions in Vegas, Josh Brady, and Keagan Case clasp hands, kiss, and link in a cosmically close, carnal connection. This sky rockets them into a wild world of porn-perfect pleasure. It’s a beautiful, bliss filled, butt bangin’, boy journey, with an out of this world creamy climax!

Meet Me in Buenos Aires | Part Two: Looking for a Couple

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Description: Have you already downloaded the “Meet Me” app? It is not necessary, here you can access it with our hottest young Latinos in the city of Buenos Aires. In this episode a couple, Felix and Bautista, chat and send material to get to know Derek. They invite him to their house and things get very sexy on the couch. The couple licks the nipples of the lucky guy in the middle, who will not be left behind and then will put two penises in his mouth … Or also a train of blowjobs, one on the other, in a row on the couch? It sounds great and it feels amazing. And how about two guys licking the same cock? We also have it, this video is very complete … Two of them get into a doggy position, on the couch with their backs turned. The asset fucks the neighbor while the groom watches and then also gives the groom from behind, switching from one to the other. Spectacular! Young Latin men have sex like this in a doggy position, with force, with moans of passion and a lot of youthful fever. They keep switching positions in a sexual frenzy, sweating and screaming. Then the bottoms suck him off until he makes us finish our stud of the day with force. The other two touch each other on their knees, burning with pleasure, surrendered to ecstasy until they release their loads. Wow! And after this exciting installment, get ready for the next installment, you already know that you don’t need to download “Meet me”, it’s still addictive… This time a boy meets his neighbor, in the next episode entitled “My little neighbor ”.


¿Ya te descargaste la app “Meet me”? No hace falta, aquí puedes acceder a ella con nuestros jóvenes latinos más calientes en la ciudad de Buenos Aires. En este episodio, una pareja de chicos Felix y Bautista, chatean y se envían material conociendo a Derek. Lo invitan a su casa y las cosas se ponen muy sexy en el sillón. La pareja hace una doble lamida de pezón al afortunado del medio, que no se quedará atrás y luego se introducirá dos penes en su boca… ¿O también un trencito de chupadas, uno a otro, en fila sobre el sillón? Suena muy bien y se siente increíble. ¿Y qué tal dos chicos lamiendo a la misma pija? También lo tenemos, este video es muy completo… Dos de ellos se ponen en posición perrito, sobre el sillón de espaldas. El activo se coge al vecino mientras el novio mira y luego también le da al novio por detrás, cambiando de uno a otro. ¡Espectacular! Los jóvenes latino tienen sexo así en posición perrito, con fuerza, con gemidos de pasión y mucha calentura juvenil. Siguen cambiando de posiciones en un frenesí sexual, sudando y gritando. Luego los pasivos se la chupan hasta hacerlo acabar con fuerza a nuestro semental del día. Los otros dos se tocan arrodillados, ardientes de placer, entregados al éxtasis hasta largar sus cargas. ¡Wow! Y después de esta entrega excitante, prepárense para la próxima entrega, ya saben que no hace falta bajar “Meet me”, aún así es adictiva… En esta ocasión un chico se encuentra con su vecino, en el próximo episodio titulado “My little neighbor”.


The Lake House: Arizona | Part Four

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Description: The boys are hanging out by the pool at the lake house, soaking their feet, gossiping, and putting lotion on one another. It’s obvious Silas Brooks is catching a crush on Reece Jackson as the pretty pair swim, race, and get wild in the water together. Reece takes a break to chat with the other guys. But Silas won’t leave him alone for long. He whispers something in Reece’s ear, then disappears into the house.

Jackson must have liked what he heard because he follows the frisky fella into the house. The too cute twink twosome tangle tongues in an instant. Randy boy Reece can’t control his urge to suck Silas’ schlong, and is on his knees in an instant. Brooks is thirsting for cock as well, and gives the gorgeous guy a knockout knob-job. Then he orders the beautiful brunette to, “ride this dick.”

Jackson is jacked to jump on that juicy jock, and rides that pole like a pony. The dicknamic duo switch it up and Reece gets rocked on the table. Our infamous cock-cam catches all the bareback, ass banging, action from every erotic angle. Watching Silas slam his sizable staff, using his bangin’ bubble butt muscle into the boy is a beautiful sight to see. Next Reece gets rammed on his back, spread eagle, and enjoys every sexy second of it, moaning and panting with pure pleasure.

Brooks keeps banging away till the beautiful boy busts, painting his smooth stomach with spooge. The oozy sight sends Silas over the edge and he unloads ALL over Brooks, blasting past his nips and all the way down to that delicious dick.


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