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Helix Studios Night at The Phoenix – July 2022

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Description: Our first inaugural Helix Studios Night kicked off on Wednesday, July 27th 2022. Thanks to everyone who came out and our wonderful host, The Phoenix Bar & Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our next event will be Wednesday, September 28th at 9pm at The Phoenix, 4213 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102

Joey Mills Vol. 1 Now Streaming! 🔥

Joey Mills Vol. 1
 JOEY MILLS VOL. 1Starring: Joey Mills, Kyle Ross, Sean Ford, Corbin Colby, Noah White, Justin Owen, Robin Moore

The constellations aligned porntastically, when creating cock stiffening, eye candy, and twink icon, Joey Mills! The mighty meated myth, has earned his legendary status; and, this gorgeous, goo-filled gathering of strokathon inducing, sex soaked scenes, shines lusty light on some of his best work! Since, this is Volume 1, each master piece, (pun intended) finds Joey at his twink boy-prime, ripe, and ready for action! Topping, AND bottoming in this action filled, ass banger, Mills brings the heat, with heavy hitters, such as superstars, Sean Ford, Kyle Ross, and Corbin Colby, just to name a few. This well curated collection is an absolute, must-have, for any twink lover. If you want the finest, fresh faced fucks, THIS is the stuff….. the sticky, sweaty, superstar, jailbait-bater best!

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Drilling Joey Mills Play Date
Blowing Off Work County Fair Flipfuck
Skate Date Big and Raw

Round 2

Round 2

Studio: Helix Studios

Release Date: 11/07/18
Starring: Josh Brady, Leo Frost
Key Words: Bareback, Twink, Big Dick, Anal Sex, American, Hunks – Studs, Muscular, Blowjob, Blonds, Brunette, Jock, Cream Pie, Jock on Twink, Kissing, Cum In Ass

It’s the boss’s birthday and the celebration is in full swing as his harem of Helix hotties gather for the party of the year. Josh Brady and Leo Frost are having a great time together; and, before they know it, Leo finds himself waking up in Brady’s brawny arms which, is definitely not a bad place to be! Super twink Frost feels a big breakfast sausage snuggling up to his bubble butt and he’s sure Brady and he are both hungry for a morning meal. During a delicious good morning make out session, Leo devours Brady’s extra large breakfast burrito before slinking his slender frame around to back his beautiful booty up to Josh’s magnificent morning wood. Our alpha top’s spit slick schlong slides in Frost’s fuck hole smoothly as he wraps his massive arms around the tight twink’s tiny frame. After Leo’s insides have adjusted a bit, he begs big boy for a harder hammering…. more than once! After the hard hog loving honey takes a naughty nailing on his side, Brady maneuvers pretty boy onto his flat belly so he can REALLY ram the kid’s can. Josh’s junky trunk looks hot as hell pounding penis into the superstar twink’s extra tight, tube steak tunnel. Our famous cock cam catches all the ass banging action from every erotic angle as Frost arches his back so that amazing ass can eat as much meat as possible. Josh switches it up and manhandles his twink dick taker to the edge of the bed as he stands slamming schlong at top speed, bringing Leo quickly towards a super sexy seeding session. Frost picks up the peen pace while Brady has a heavy hand around the kid’s neck and the boy finally let’s everything go. All his tasty twink tension cums splashing out in giant gobs of glorious goo while Josh gears up to seal the deal all over the kid’s caboose with a cum heavy cream pie! Josh’s juice oozes down little dude’s derriere and into his hot hole; then, Brady bangs his big boom stick back inside his cum slut’s sweet center, making sure he coats the cream lover’s insides as well.


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Gay porn site featuring quality videos and live shows with all American college men and teen boys. Helix Studios productions are filmed and edited with the latest high-definition equipment, evident in our streamlined preview areas. Our content is comprised of twinks (18+), jocks, bareback, latin and fetish videos. We feature top models such as, Noah White, Wes Campbell,Evan Parker, Andy Taylor, Jessie Montgomery, Max Carter, Kyle Ross, Jesse Star, Tommy Anders and Kyler Ash. We now broadcast weekly Helix Live shows that continually raise the standard for live xxx streaming. Helix Studios videos are the most accessible in the industry. Our #1 rated megasite is optimized for any mobile device, and our Helix Studios Roku channel allows for easy, direct to TV content streaming.
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We’ve been in the Helix kitchen cooking up the perfect recipe using only our FRESHEST ingredients! We’ve assembled our most tender young chickens fresh from the oven and they are piping HOT! These tasty twinks are gladly eaten, stuffed and basted with their buddies young boy batter till their hot holes are filled and dripping with dessert! Cream-pie anyone? These eight sex prodigies are definitely built for this. Here they are just for you, doing what they do best. The freshest of the fresh blended together organically with surprisingly perfect sex instincts for such tender young twinks. This epic bare back twink-a-thon hits every note (and hole) and will leave you ravenous for more helpings of “Raw Talent.”

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Mad Skillz

Mad Skillz

Studio: Helix Studios
Release Date: 12/10/15
Starring: Kyle Ross, Justin Owen
Key Words: Twink, Sports, Spitting, Rimming, Outdoor, Muscular, Kissing, Jock on Twink, Jock, Hunks – Studs, Facials, Cum Shots, College Guys, Brunette, Blowjob, Blonds, Anal Sex, American

A friendly afternoon of cutting loose in the park turns into all out filthy homo horseplay when new top cock on the block, skater boy beefcake and Grade A thoroughbred, Justin Owen decides to show veteran Helix heartthrob and lover boy Kyle Ross that his physical prowess extends far beyond the playground. Hungry for a man’s dominance, Kyle nurses on Justin’s jumbo cock pipe and after receiving a sloppy & beastly tongue fuck, he finally begs for the dick meat.

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Gay porn site featuring quality videos and live shows with all American college men and teen boys.
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Triple twink (helixstudios)

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Released: June 3, 2012 Full Length: 31 minutes

There’s nothing like twink sex in the morning. Kyle’s thinking about breakfast, but Kyler comes in the kitchen thinking about a three-way with Kurt who’s still sleeping, ass up naked on the bed. Waking up with two tight bodied 18 yr olds sucking your cock brings a ear to ear grin to Kurt’s face. Kyle Ross loves cock more than any twink and sucks down Kyler’s fat boner as Kurt gives him head, and Kyler eats out Kurts creamy white ass. Kurt’s ass is the first to get stuffed with Kyler’s fat one, but Kyle is not left out. He sits on Kurt’s face. This red hot, dynamic twink three way turns into sticky cum fest you do not want to miss.

Models: Kurt Summers, Kyler Ash, Kyle Ross
Themes: Gay Porn, Twinks, Rimming, Facials, Cum Shots, Brunette, Blowjob, Blonds, Big Dick, Anal Sex, American

Helix Studios Porn Stars

My first time………

Well i have heard about this parking place in the woods, where men goes to have sex………i have always been a very curious boy, so one day i was nearby the wood i decided to go.

It was a very rainy day so i first went into the toilet and checked it out, there was a lot of writings on the walls where people offered to suck cocks if you would call them, it´s a very exiting place, i like it!!!!!!
I think i was there in the toilet for about 25 minutes just reading the wall´s and looking in the cabins ,smelling and touching!!!
Nobody came.

I decided to go out side and hide in the woods , somewhere where i could see the toilet, i think after 1 hour a car drove into the parking place , it was a firm wagon , a painter, the man just stayed in the car……it was very exiting to sit there in the woods and watch him without him knowing i was there.
After a while he was getting a bit restless in the car , still he did not get out, so i decided to get closer to his car, i went through the trees and worked myself closer to his car hoping he wouldn’t notice me.
As i finally was so close that i could see what he was doing i was surprised to see that he was playing with his big cock………..IT WAS FANTASTIC !!!!!

I hoped something like this would happened, but i didn’t expect it. WAU. My cock was so hard in my pants. This was hot, me sitting in the woods watching a man ( 49 – 55 years old ) Playing with his cock in his car…….. JUST WAU!!!!!
His cock was big….he had a lot of hair on it, and he was just jerking his cock with his eyes closed.
Suddenly another car came, i jumped a bit back into the woods, the car parked right behind the painter, and the man got out of his car and smoked a cigaret , the painter just continued to jerk of in his car…..it was very exiting!!!! The smoking man started to walk around, looking around and the he just walk up to the painter car where the painter sat jerking his cock, he stopped by his window and just stood there smoking his cigaret and looked at him jerking off, my cock almost exploded in my underwear, this was so exiting and for me unreal and so FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!! The painter opened his car door and the smoking man threw his cigaret away and just took the painters cock in his hand and started to jerk him of, the painter started to groan very load he was enjoying it, i was enjoying it!!!!! Then suddenly the smoker bend over and took the big painter cock in his mouth and started to suck him of , i just had to jerk of…so i pulled my cock out my pants and jerked and jerked , this was just amazing, me standing in the woods with my boy cock out my pants jerking of and looking at to grown up men playing with each other , then i came, my cum exploded out of my cock head, i must have made some noise, the two men had stopped their cock game and was looking in my direction…..i got scared and nervous…..trying to be quiet and get my cock back in my pants, my foot slipped out and i fell out of the wood landed on the street in the parking place right in front of their cars…they looked at me and the smoking man started to walk over to me, i was scared i jumped up and started to run away, he started to shout : hey boy come back….boy come back……I just ran as fast as i could.

Wenn i got home my mum shouted from the living room :dinner is ready, as i came in they looked at me as i had just fallen down from the moon, my mum said: What happened to you, look at your clothes, it´s all dirty and why do you have grass on your pants???? My dad said: hey son you look as have you just seen a ghost, what´s up??? I told them that have been playing with the guys in the woods and that i fell from a tree……….. If they knew what i have seen……………..Man!!

As i finish my dinner i went to the bath room took a bath and jumped in my sl**p wear and went in my room to play some playstation……but i could only thing about that big cock…………and how the smoking guy was sucking it….i had to jerk off again my cock was so hard again…….all these pictures in my head….. i cum…it felt so good, i rubbed my cum on my stomach, licked some of it of my fingers….wondering if painters cock would taste the same…….Suddenly it knocked on my door it was mum coming to say good night. As i turned the light out i said to my self…..I HAVE TO GO BACK TO THAT PLACE…….!!!!!!!!

The next morning i woke up with a hard on……….and i still had the pictures of the smoking guy sucking of the painter in my head…… i decided to skip school and go to the parking place…..i had to…… i had to try more…….i had to touch the painters cock i was so big, so hairy , so hot so fantastic, it was a real big male cock…… a grown up man!!!
So i got up went down for breakfast , kissed mum and dad goodbye and of to “school”……… As i rode my bike trough the wood i was getting scared, exited ,and i just couldn’t wait to get there….this place was everything i dreamed of!!!!!

As i got there i was all alone on the parking place no cars, no men……just a boy with his bike……… i went in to the woods where i hid my bike between the trees, found a place where i could see the toilet building and waited and waited, while my imagination was running crazy about all the things i wanted to happen to me today……i pulled out my cock and closed my eyes and played with my cock…..after about tree hours a car came….an old man about 50 years old got out of the car an went in to the toilet………….after 10 minutes i decided to go in, i put my cock back in my pants and just as i wanted to go over to the toilet building , another car came, the guy went straight to the toilet………..i didn’t know if i should go in….after 15 minutes i was so curious i had to!!!!!!!!!! I went slowly over to the building opened the door……i could not see them….i went in….it smelled kind of disgusting but also very good……a mixture of sweat, piss and the urinary stones………..i heard them in the cabin…..they where making moaning sounds…..my cock was hard again………..suddenly they got very quiet…….and they where walking around in the cabin….i thought they where finished and came out so i walked to the door and wanted to get out , then i heard the one guy groan very load…….i walked back….but i couldn’t see anything….i tried to see under the cabin door but i could only see their feet……they where standing close and their feet pointed in the same direction……. i had to see them…as i got back up on my feet i could see a small hole between the door and the wall………i bend down and looked through the hole……….OOOOOH MAN………….i almost sprayed my boy cum in my pants, what i saw through that hole…….they where fucking……i have never seen stuff like that for real, only on the internet……….this was HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The man fucking had a normal size cock but he was using it good…. i just sat there in that toilet building looking through a hole and i was so horny i had to jerk of again…..i pulled out my cock and started to play with it……i was so fascinated by what i saw that i didn’t hear the door open and a man came in,first as he said: What are you doing there boy, i noticed him……..i got so scared i jumped up and ran out………………back in the woods to my bike, i wanted to go away………but the feeling in me was so strong i couldn’t , i wanted to see more.
I stayed in my hiding place and just looked at the toilet building…..after 15 minutes the two men from the cabin came out, jumped back in their cars and drove of……….but the man seeing me sit on the floor playing with my cock looking through the hole was still in the building……i waited for 10 15 minutes but he didn’t came out…….i didn’t know if i should go in…..i wanted to, but i was also a bit scared……but i wanted to…..and my cock was still hard and still out of my pants….funny it didn’t go soft as he scared me…….i had to go in.

As i wanted to go to the toilet a car came up, the guy went in so i stayed in my hiding place but after 5 minutes he came back out and drove of….i waited 5 more minutes….the man was still in the toilet, so i decided to go, i went over the parking place, i was walking in a ecstasy of fear and excitement. As i was at the toilet door i wanted to turn around and go away, but the man must have heard me and said very loud: COME INSIDE BOY, so i did……..he was standing at the urinary…..a tall man, he was standing with his back to the door……a very tall man…..as the door slammed behind me he turned his head and looked at me…..he was old (50) , he smiled at me with a ugly smile……it made me scared…..but also very fascinated and horny.

He turned his head back and said: COME OVER HERE BOY, i just walked over , standing at his side , then i saw his cock in his hand…..i was a very very nice cock, it was very hairy and was just jerking it so that his forskin went up and down over his cock head…..i was paralyzed by his cock, just standing there and looked at it, then he turned his head and looked at me as he pushed me with his one hand down on my knees and said: OPEN YOUR MOUTH BOY……….i just did it, then he pressed his cock in my mouth and said: GO AHEAD BOY, SUCK THAT COCK…….i did as good as i could , i had never sucked a cock before, so i tried to do as i had seen it on the net, he moved his butt back and forth starting to fuck my mouth, then he pulled my head away and said : NOW DO THE BALLS, LICK THEM, SUCK THEM, i did as he said , his balls smelled a bit f sweat and piss it turned me on , he was pushing me head firm against his balls, i felt his cock hair against my face…..that was so nice and horny. Then he said :THAT´S RIGHT MY BOY, NOW SUCK MY COCK, i sucked his cock then i went back on his balls, then his cock, then the balls again , i was just sitting there in the middle of the toilet building in front of the urinary sucking some old man´s cock, suddenly he pulled me up and said to me in a firm voice : PULL YOUR PANTS DOWN BOY, i did and waited….then he said to me : BEND OVER AND SUCK MY COCK, i bend my head down and sucked as he said , he was playing with his hands on my butt, then he slapped me on my ass, that made me afraid and i wanted to go, he just hold my head very firm and pushed his cock deeper in my mouth and said: GO ON BOY; SUCK IT, then he slapped my ass again and said:THAT´S A GOOD BOY…….THAT´S RIGHT SUCK IT, SUCK IT, and i did as he said, he hit my ass harder and started to groan loud , fucking my mouth, then he pulled his cock out of my mouth at the same time he drove tow fingers inside my asshole, it hurted very much i screamed loud, but he just pushed them further up then he came, his cum sprayed out of his cock and landed on the floor, i was screaming, he was groaning , he still had his finger in my ass and his cock was pumping his cum on the floor……………

After a while as he was finished he pulled out his fingers i fell on my knees, he looked at me and said : YOU LIKED THAT RIGHT BOY. i said yes i guess i did…..he put his cock back in his pants , took something out of his pocket and threw it on the floor beside me , then he opened the door and said : SEE YOU AGAIN SOON BOY!
I stood up and wanted to pull my pants up, my cock was so wet, i think i came as he f***ed his fingers inside me , i bend down to pick up what he threw on the floor……….it was 20 euros.
As i drove my bike home i could still feel his fingers in my ass and the precut was running out my cock…………THAT WAS A GOOD DAY!!!!!!

Kyle Double Raw Fucked (helix studios)

Kyle Ross is boy-napped in a parking garage and finds himself ball-gagged and tied up at the mercy of HotStuds Brycen Cox and Ryan Conners. The sexual deviants rape the blonde boys face with their huge boners. Soon Kyle is volunteering his slutty raw hole to be eaten out and forcefully rimmed by the nasty bareback favorite Conners. The captors take full advantage of his smooth bare hole shoving both their condom free cocks in…an electrifying double penetration you don’t want to miss.

Kyle Double Raw Fucked - 65