UnRomantic Getaway: Part Three

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Description: It’s time for another erotic installment of, “hookup Stories!” This episode opens with sexy Spencer Locke sharing a cock rocking chronicle about meeting a stranger on the street, and those magical moments before where you don’t know, “is he, or isn’t he.” Lucky for Locke, the boy was all about it! He was also a bit inexperienced; but, Spencer was MORE that willing to teach, and the dude was more than willing to learn! Next, we cut to our hookup story hero, and Oliver Beck with hands on each other’s hips, and tongues entwined. Once the tasty Twinks tear off their shirts, they tumble onto the bed, where Beck makes his way to Locke’s beefy beast! He teases Spencer’s super sizer over his underwear before unwrapping the perfect package, and swallowing it whole. After a job well done, Spencer pushes the pretty boy face down onto his knees, then buries his face and that apple ass. Oliver pipes up with a bit of dirty talk, getting Locke so horned up, he heaves his huge hog balls deep into Beck’s beautiful butt. Spencer smashes ass doggy, before flipping his play thing over to bang the boy out on his back. Oliver strokes his swollen, uncut shaft. Then…. he blows clear past his shoulder! The rest of his creamy pleasure explodes all over his shredded stomach, and snakes around his trim silhouette. Next, Locke unloads, adding to Oliver’s oozy wrath. He milks his cock till every last drop dribbles down onto Oliver’s torso; then, he collapses on top of him for a perfect, post coital kiss.

Pup Play | Part Four

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Description: The suspense has been building as gorgeous couple, Garrett Kinsley, and Luca Ambrose have been toying with the idea of “Pup Play” through the first three episodes. Here, in part four, it finally goes DOWN; and, it goes down HARD! Blond boy Kinsley treats his boy like a good puppy, letting him have it, leash on and ALL. But, his boy Luca also gets a leg up on HIM, hammering the shredded hottie, mask on AND off, with his rock hard, Latin puppy piece in this epic, fetish, flip-fuck!

Pup Play | Part Three

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Description: Josh Brady, Robin Moore, and Silas Brooks have all gone to the dogs, in this three way- pup play- fuck fest! Boyfriends, Garrett, and Loco are in a bit of a slump; but, after getting the clerk at the adult store’s number the other week, they know exactly how to spice it up! The cute couple wind up at beefy boy, Josh Brady’s place. The dom “handler” immediately calls pretty “pups,” Silas Brooks, and Robin Moore into the room with a clap from his firm hands. Brady orders the pups to put on their hoods, and speak. The pups do as their told, as Brady explains pup play in delicious detail to Garrett, and Loco. After the demonstration, the couple decide to head home. However, the pup play at Josh’s place continues, just as Brady closes the blinds. The puppy pair follow every cock stretching command from their hot handler, first on each other, then on juicy Josh as well. The sexy session turns into a full on threesome, where Brady is the bone king, as both pups worship his colossal cock. The dom Dick slinger inspects the pup’s pretty posteriors with thick fingers, and a darting tongue, as muffled puppy sounds fill the air. Then, Brady buries in bone DEEP into both boy’s beautiful back doors, till each of them explode in orgasmic glory, with two finishing on one pup’s masked face!

Brotherhood of Games II | Part One: Back to the Game

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Description: The Brotherhood of Games is back! The Master is looking for a new toy boy… And that’s Rick.
He is in his bed sleeping naked. The Master makes his appearance, he is a masked man with a black cape, mysterious and sexy. Rick gets on all fours. The Master places a collar with a strap around his neck and then The Master places a furry fox tail on his butt, plays, stimulating Rick who enjoys and indulges in sexual play. Then, with his tail on, he walks his lap dog, with a leash and a fox tail tucked in, and makes him smell his bulge, he runs his entire face over his penis and testicles. Obediently he sucks his cock. Then, she holds him with the strap, takes out the fox’s tail and hits him with her cock, on the buttocks and the hole of the anus, until she begins to penetrate him. The boy groans in pain and pleasure. Thus, it is held on all fours, like a puppy, pulling on the metal and leather strap. Afterwards, she turns it over and penetrates it with her legs to the sky. Thus, with the game master and slave, the bottom can not take any more and he ends up all his semen with the enormous cock of The Master inside him … This mysterious being forces him to get out of bed to finish all his semen on Rick’s face. From now on, she will accompany you as your sexual pet. The next episodes are not to be missed, as it will take its faithful pet with a furry tail and will also recruit new young and hot boys. Keep watching “Brotherhood of Games” with episode 2 called “Ready Player Two.” And you, are you ready to play again?

¡La Hermandad de los Juegos está de vuelta! El Maestre está buscando un nuevo toy boy… Y ese es Rick.
Él está en su cama durmiendo desnudo. El Maestre hace su aparición, es un hombre enmascarado con una capa negra, misterioso y sexy. Rick se coloca en cuatro patas. El Maestre le coloca un collar con una correa alrededor del cuello y luego le El Maestre le coloca una cola de zorro peluda en su trasero, juguetea, estimulando a Rick que disfruta y se entrega mucho al juego sexual. Luego, con la cola puesta, pasea a su perrito faldero, con correa y cola de zorro metida y le hace oler su bulto, le pasa toda su cara por el pene y testículos. Obediente le chupa la pija. Luego, lo sostiene con la correa, le saca la cola de zorro y lo golpea con su pija, en las nalgas y el agujero del ano, hasta empezar a penetrarlo. El chico gime de dolor y placer. Así, se lo coge en cuatro patas, como un perrito, tirando de la correa de metal y cuero. Después, lo da vuelta y lo penetra con sus piernas al cielo. Así, con el juego amo y esclavo, el pasivo no puede más y acaba todo su semen con la enorme pija de El maestre dentro suyo… Este ser misterioso lo obliga a bajar de la cama para acabarle todo su semen sobre la carita de Rick que, de ahora en adelante, lo acompañará como su mascota sexual. Los próximos episodios son imperdibles, ya que llevará a su fiel mascota de cola peluda y además irá reclutando nuevos chicos jóvenes y calientes. Sigan viendo “Brotherhood of Games” con el episodio 2 llamado “Ready Player Two”. Y tú, ¿estás listo para jugar otra vez?

Ben Lilly & Mario Texeira

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This is only Ben Lilly’s second scene and his shyness is obvious from his voice and attitude. When Mario arrives to be our newbie‘s partner today, he immediately takes the lead and guides Ben through the foreplay until inserting his hard cock into his ass. Ben follows Mario’s lead, confident he will benefit from his experience. And he is right!

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Sports: What’s My Time?

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Description: Track star, josh Brady is running in the park, with boyfriend Aaron Roberts timing him. The hot, sweaty jock shaved almost a minute off his time, and wants to go again. But, his too cute twink bf convinces him otherwise; and, soon enough, the guys are back at the house making out as clothes fall to the floor. Brady manhandles Roberts hot rump, just before the boy falls to the floor to dine on some dick. Jock boy Josh whips his underwear down, and his already hard cock jumps out, smacking him on his epic abs with a loud slap. Then, Aaron goes in for the kill. He sucks Brady’s beef till it gleams with his back arched, tempting josh like a pro. Josh succumbs, and sucks Roberts hot rod like a hungry boy, before going ham on that hind end with his tongue, as he spreads the boy’s ample ass wide open. He plays with the twink’s pucker with his thumb before turning him over, and cramming his colossal cock in that ass. Aaron takes every thick inch on his back, side, AND all fours while stroking his own hard dick. Our infamous cock cam catches the money shot from underneath, as both boys blow at the same time! Brady busts slight seconds before, inside Aaron’s epic ass, and the warm sensation sends spermy signals to the twink who blasts as Josh pulls out, oozing jizz all over our bottom’s twitching tunnel. Brady thumbs the twink’s cum filled cream pie, then kisses his dirty blond bf full on the lips for a job well done.

Beach Bums: Florida | Part Two

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Description: When Keagan Case’s boy leaves him alone on the beach, it’s Silas Brooks that comes in to save the day. He brings cutie Keagan into the gorgeous group of Helix hotties staying at the beach house, and our boy has the time of his life. After frolicking in the summer sun with the guys, Brooks and Keagan sneak off to a private outdoor patio, and immediately turn the heat up even hotter. After a smokin’ hot kiss and strip, case is on his knees peeling Silas’ swim trunks down. He marvels at the the boy’s miraculous meat, and worships appropriately. Then, Silas speaks up and tells the tan twink, “I wanna suck yours! Keagan ups the ante with some delicious dirty talk as he grabs Brooks by the back of the head, and face fucks him good! Next, dirty talker Case asks for an ass eating. Naturally, Brooks buries his face in that tight twink tunnel, until Keagan lets him know he needs a fucking. Silas smacks the sexed up slut on the ass with his colossal cock, then plunges that big beast all the way in. Keagan arches his back beautifully, as he gets his hot ass handed to him doggy style. Next, the bossy bottom tells his top to, “get on the chair, I wanna ride it!” Case takes a cock heavy, bouncy beating, while pumping his own piston. Brooks massive monster pushes the nut from Keagan’s cock, and the sizable shaft goes off like a summertime sprinkler. When Brooks let’s the boy know, he’s about to bust, Case instinctively gets on his knees, and anxiously awaits his mighty meal. Silas spooges all over the dude’s pretty face; and, as spunk drips from his nose to his mouth, Case goes in for a final cum covered kiss.

Meet Me in Buenos Aires | Part Four: Plus One

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Description: Through the “Meet me” app you can meet the boy of your dreams or… have sex now! That is what Giorgio and Diego seek and find through the application. These two young Latin men, beautiful, with tattoos and piercings, send photos and videos, they meet. They quickly begin to kiss and stimulate the lumps. Diego sucks his active partner’s cock, he really eats it all. and the asset returns the favor, sucking on her ass which is hairy and beautiful. Sucking his anus makes his cock grow huge and harder than wood. They put penises together, rub them against each other and masturbate them with great pleasure. When he sticks his penis in his tail, he takes it hard, pulls his legs up and fucks it like that, wide open. Then the bottom rides it, sitting on the cock and bouncing with pleasure. Finally they stand up and do it against the window, the bottom sticking out tail, holding on while receiving the huge piece from his sexual partner. The active ends up spilling his semen into the other’s eager mouth, who has a tongue piercing to receive that rain of white semen. Finally, the active man masturbates the bottom with his hand, putting fingers in to stimulate his tail until he finishes. Wow! Highly recommended casual sex. We continue next week with a fiery trio on “I follow you two”, a must see!

A través de la app de “Meet me” podés conocer al chico de tus sueños o… ¡tener sexo ahora! Eso buscan y encuentran Giorgio y Diego a través de la aplicación. Estos dos jóvenes latinos, hermosos, con tatuajes y piercings, mandan fotos y videos, se encuentran. Rápidamente comienzan a besarse y estimularse los bultos. Diego le chupa la pija a su compañero activo, realmente se la come toda. y el activo le devuelve el favor, chupando su culo que es peludo y hermoso. Chuparle el ano hace que su verga crezca enorme y se ponga más dura que la madera. Juntan penes, los frotan, uno con otro y las masturban con mucho placer. Cuando le mete el pene en la cola, lo coge con fuerza, le sube las piernas hacia arriba y se lo coge así, bien bien abierto. Después el pasivo lo monta, sentándose en la pija y rebotando de placer. Por último se paran y lo hacen contra la ventana, el pasivo sacando cola, sosteniéndose mientras recibe el enorme pedazo de su compañero sexual. El activo termina largando su semen en la boca deseosa del otro, que tiene un piercing en la lengua para recibir esa lluvia de semen blanco. Por último, el activo le masturba el culo con la mano al pasivo, metiéndole dedos para estimular su cola hasta hacerlo acabar. ¡Wow! Sexo casual muy recomendable. Seguimos la próxima semana con un ardiente trío en “I follow you two”, ¡imperdible!

John & Jim, Belamionline boys

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We know that many of you have taken a shine to newcomer John Lennox, so here he is today in a hot pairing with resident sex monster, Jim Durden.

In each generation of models we usually find someone special whose appetite for sex is inexaustable, they are always available whenever we want to film, and their performances never fall short. The first of these during our internet era was Dano Sulik who was put to excellent use in the Personal Trainers series and the most current incarnation of the spirit of Dano has to be Jim Durden.

Today we start with a bit of a workout for our 2 stars before they head home to finish the cardio day with some vigerous fucking!

Ride: Sin City

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Description: Porn superstars, Travis Stevens, and Jace Myers are in Sin City, with nothing but hot cars, and hot sex on the brain. The gorgeous duo put one another through the paces during a night of pretty boy passion on the sultry strip, that shows off both boys GIANT talents. Betting on this pair is definitely no gamble!


The Lake House: Arizona | Part Five

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Description: It’s the guy’s last night at the lake house and they’re all looking to make it count! Splashing around in the pool and flirting up a storm! Anxious to stir up another kind of fun, Spencer Locke and Silas Brooks start to get busy in the main area of the house, where anyone could walk in….at any time. After a hot, summer make out sesh, Spencer delivers a gold medal knob job on Brooks’ big boy. Then their porny plan kicks in.

Reece Jackson walks in and joins the tasty twosome, sucking down Silas’ sizable shaft with sloppy, superstar style. Brooks brings Spencer’s supersizer into his mouth for a beautiful blowjob train that turns into an ass eating, cock sucking event! Brooks breaks into Locke’s back door with his big beast, as Silas slurps on Jackson’s juicy jock.

Then Garrett and Dallas enter, completing the gorgeous guest list. The frisky five-some fuck like freaks, sucking, pounding, licking, and sticking in every imaginable, hole stretching configuration. Garrett Is the first to get gooey, all over Spencer’s smooth stomach, then Dallas unloads luscious, liquid dick all over Locke’s lusty mug. Next, the boys flank Kinsley and Preston’s pretty faces, and feed them a mighty meal of twink spunk. At the tail end we hear the guys making plans for, “same time, same place.” We are all definitely looking forward to it!


Meet Me in Buenos Aires | Part Two: Looking for a Couple

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Description: Have you already downloaded the “Meet Me” app? It is not necessary, here you can access it with our hottest young Latinos in the city of Buenos Aires. In this episode a couple, Felix and Bautista, chat and send material to get to know Derek. They invite him to their house and things get very sexy on the couch. The couple licks the nipples of the lucky guy in the middle, who will not be left behind and then will put two penises in his mouth … Or also a train of blowjobs, one on the other, in a row on the couch? It sounds great and it feels amazing. And how about two guys licking the same cock? We also have it, this video is very complete … Two of them get into a doggy position, on the couch with their backs turned. The asset fucks the neighbor while the groom watches and then also gives the groom from behind, switching from one to the other. Spectacular! Young Latin men have sex like this in a doggy position, with force, with moans of passion and a lot of youthful fever. They keep switching positions in a sexual frenzy, sweating and screaming. Then the bottoms suck him off until he makes us finish our stud of the day with force. The other two touch each other on their knees, burning with pleasure, surrendered to ecstasy until they release their loads. Wow! And after this exciting installment, get ready for the next installment, you already know that you don’t need to download “Meet me”, it’s still addictive… This time a boy meets his neighbor, in the next episode entitled “My little neighbor ”.


¿Ya te descargaste la app “Meet me”? No hace falta, aquí puedes acceder a ella con nuestros jóvenes latinos más calientes en la ciudad de Buenos Aires. En este episodio, una pareja de chicos Felix y Bautista, chatean y se envían material conociendo a Derek. Lo invitan a su casa y las cosas se ponen muy sexy en el sillón. La pareja hace una doble lamida de pezón al afortunado del medio, que no se quedará atrás y luego se introducirá dos penes en su boca… ¿O también un trencito de chupadas, uno a otro, en fila sobre el sillón? Suena muy bien y se siente increíble. ¿Y qué tal dos chicos lamiendo a la misma pija? También lo tenemos, este video es muy completo… Dos de ellos se ponen en posición perrito, sobre el sillón de espaldas. El activo se coge al vecino mientras el novio mira y luego también le da al novio por detrás, cambiando de uno a otro. ¡Espectacular! Los jóvenes latino tienen sexo así en posición perrito, con fuerza, con gemidos de pasión y mucha calentura juvenil. Siguen cambiando de posiciones en un frenesí sexual, sudando y gritando. Luego los pasivos se la chupan hasta hacerlo acabar con fuerza a nuestro semental del día. Los otros dos se tocan arrodillados, ardientes de placer, entregados al éxtasis hasta largar sus cargas. ¡Wow! Y después de esta entrega excitante, prepárense para la próxima entrega, ya saben que no hace falta bajar “Meet me”, aún así es adictiva… En esta ocasión un chico se encuentra con su vecino, en el próximo episodio titulado “My little neighbor”.


The Lake House: Arizona | Part Four

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Description: The boys are hanging out by the pool at the lake house, soaking their feet, gossiping, and putting lotion on one another. It’s obvious Silas Brooks is catching a crush on Reece Jackson as the pretty pair swim, race, and get wild in the water together. Reece takes a break to chat with the other guys. But Silas won’t leave him alone for long. He whispers something in Reece’s ear, then disappears into the house.

Jackson must have liked what he heard because he follows the frisky fella into the house. The too cute twink twosome tangle tongues in an instant. Randy boy Reece can’t control his urge to suck Silas’ schlong, and is on his knees in an instant. Brooks is thirsting for cock as well, and gives the gorgeous guy a knockout knob-job. Then he orders the beautiful brunette to, “ride this dick.”

Jackson is jacked to jump on that juicy jock, and rides that pole like a pony. The dicknamic duo switch it up and Reece gets rocked on the table. Our infamous cock-cam catches all the bareback, ass banging, action from every erotic angle. Watching Silas slam his sizable staff, using his bangin’ bubble butt muscle into the boy is a beautiful sight to see. Next Reece gets rammed on his back, spread eagle, and enjoys every sexy second of it, moaning and panting with pure pleasure.

Brooks keeps banging away till the beautiful boy busts, painting his smooth stomach with spooge. The oozy sight sends Silas over the edge and he unloads ALL over Brooks, blasting past his nips and all the way down to that delicious dick.


Helix Latin Camp | Part 6: Be Prepared

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Description: Helix Latin Camp 6 is here, the end of this series! It is the last day of camping. Half of the youth group is playing cards and the other half is setting up tents, gathering firewood, they work with great dedication, they are ready for anything. Scout Captain Vincent challenges those who play cards without helping, but since he wants to party and relax, he hands out drinks for everyone. The long-awaited orgy of 10 guys is coming, yes, 10!

They start kissing as a group in their green uniforms. It’s cold outside but the guys know how to turn the temperature up to 100%. Under the tent they begin to undress their bodies, some on top of the table, others standing and others of course kneeling sucking penises. They are armed with versatile, active and passive, all enjoy equally … but with different actions: some with two cocks in their mouth, others sucking nipples, others licking their penis in a row. Captain Vincent chooses one of them to be his little dog … He puts him on all fours on the table and rubs his cock on the cheeks of his ass, dominating him and begins to put his huge penis in his round ass.

All the passives drop their pants to receive a penis. Two passive partners kiss each other while receiving a cock from different partners. There is sex of all kinds, there is saliva to lubricate, there are guys totally naked or with their boxers on. Most do not remove their Boy Scout bandana. There is a groaning concert! They are exchanging partners and begin to finish. One on top of the table, a passive who can’t bear it anymore and another prepares to receive the captain’s milk. Others end up on the buttocks of their companions. Two nerdy guys with glasses do their thing too and they run out of gallons of semen… Uff…. They all finish and are satiated. The Captain says “To the showers” and they all obey, to clean themselves up and maybe they will still be hot in the bathrooms, all naked … insatiable. This was the Helix Latin Camp, see you in the next series from Helix Studios. Always prepared!


¡Llegó Helix Latin Camp 6, final de esta serie! Es el último día de campamento. La mitad del grupo de jóvenes está jugando a las cartas y la otra mitad armando carpas, junta leña, trabajan con mucha dedicación, están listos para lo que sea. El Capitán de los Scouts, Vincent, reta a los que juegan a las cartas sin ayudar, pero como quiere fiesta y que relajen, reparte bebidas para todos. Llega la tan esperada orgía de 10 chicos, sí, ¡10!

Comienzan a darse besos en grupo con sus uniformes verdes. Hace frío a la intemperie pero los chicos saben como subir la temperatura al 100%. Debajo de la tienda de campaña empiezan a desnudar sus cuerpos, algunos subidos arriba de la mesa, otros parados y otros por supuesto arrodillados chupando penes. Se arman con versátiles, activos y pasivos, todos disfrutan por igual… pero con distintas acciones: algunos con dos pijas en la boca, otros chupando tetillas, otros haciendo fila de lamidas de pene. El Capitán Vincent, elige a uno de ellos para que sea su perrito… Lo pone en cuatro patas sobre la mesa y le frota la pija en los cachetes del culo, dominándolo y le empieza a meter su pene enorme en el esponjoso culo.

Todos los pasivos se bajan los pantalones para recibir pene. Dos compañeros pasivos se besan entre sí mientras reciben pija de distintos compañeros. Hay sexo de todo tipo, hay saliva para lubricar, hay chicos totalmente desnudos o con los bóxers puestos. La mayoría no se saca su pañuelo de Boy Scout. ¡Hay un concierto de gemidos! Van intercambiando parejas y comienzan acabar. Uno arriba de la mesa, un pasivo que no lo soporta más y otro se prepara para recibir la leche del capitán. Otros acaban sobre las nalgas de sus compañeros. Dos chicos nerds con anteojos también hacen lo suyo y se acaban litros de semen… Uff…. Todos terminan y quedan saciados. El Capitán les dice “A las duchas” y todos obedecen, para limpiarse y quizá sigan estando calientes en los baños, todos desnudos… insaciables. Esto fue el Helix Latin Camp, nos vemos en la próxima serie de Helix Studios. ¡Siempre listos!


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