Kyro Adams & Kirk Gauguin

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Kirk Gauguin is thrilled to have a blond boy to fulfil his desires, especially when it’s someone as cute as Kyro. Kyro’s pink hole is a huge temptation for Kirk, so after a quick blowjob, he starts to service his ass.

Tom Rogers & Serge Cavalli part 1

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Rogers starts to please Serge who quickly takes the lead in today’s encounter. As we all know, Serge never disappoints his partners or us and Tom’s ass ends up covered in cum. By the end, the two satisfied boys are ready to promise each other a second round.

Tied Up Yusaku

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Handsome, soft-spoken Ruito doesn’t seem the likeliest candidate to play the leather master, but edgy Yusaku really gets his gonads in high gear by being bound at the wrists and bossed around. So Ruito dutifully leads him in on a leash tied to the wrist cuffs. Yusaku is so hot and ready that he eagerly slurps down Ruito’s dick when he peels out of his briefs.

Boyfun: Young hung fun

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Gorgeous boys David Sky and Nick Danner make a perfect couple, everyone who sees them agrees. The boys are perfectly matched, in every way you can imagine, but especially in their love of hard young cock and penetrating bareback action. The two are getting friendly out in the sun when their lust begins to spill over, quickly encouraging them to head inside and straight to the bedroom. With t-shirts off their smooth bodies are revealed, quickly being explored by roaming hands. With the sunlight streaming through the window they ease off their shorts and reveal their bulging erections for each other to play with, a feast of hard and fresh young cock for them to share. Sweet David starts the oral fun, tasting his lover’s cock while his own engorged length pulsates and throbs. It’s such a big dick, but Nick knows how to work it with his tongue and lips, bobbing up and down on that thick tool and tasting the precum leaking from his sheathed tip. After trading their dicks and greedily gobbling each other for as much as they can endure without getting too close to unloading they’re finally ready to take it all the way. Nick hovers over his friend, easing his ass down on that thick meat and slowly filling himself up, riding his pal and bouncing up and down on that delicious dong. Taking it from behind and spooning too he strokes himself off, moaning with pleasure as his friend thrusts in and out of his aching hole, prodding his prostate and sending waves of bliss through his slim young body. Finally unable to take any more David eases his cock out of his lover and wanks off over him, splashing his naked body with cream and triggering Nick’s own climax. With their loads spent for the afternoon the two kiss once more before heading to the bathroom, where their dicks are probably quickly ready for another turn!

Boyfun: Schred my ass

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Skater boys Harry Davis and Jude Jensen have been spending their afternoon annoying the locals in town with their boarding antics, but after being chased away from the concrete playground they like to explore they’re soon heading back to the bedroom to make their own entertainment.

With some passionate kisses the BoyFun begins and redhead twink Harry is greedily sucking and licking the incredible skater boy cock of his blond pal, showing him what his talented mouth can do.

His own gorgeous penis, equal in length but thicker and meatier than his pals, is soon out for Jude to gobble and although the boy is clearly less experienced with dicks other than his own he seems to love the taste of his friend’s meat.

Most boys love it when they get the chance to taste a boner.

Surprisingly its his tender little skater boy ass that’s about to get shredded, and he doesn’t seem to mind at all when Harry buries his face between those smooth twinky cheeks to eat out his teen hole. With enough licking and lapping of his twitching pucker he’s almost ready to take that thick bareback boner in his butt.

Harry takes his time easing into the super tight hole, filling his buddy slowly and letting him get used to the pleasure. It’s a very snug fit, but Jude clearly wants more.

The boy takes a ride, sliding up and down on the perfectly pink prong deep in his ass, his own cock lolling and dripping precum. On his back his prostate gets the prodding it needs and the boy wanks off, his friend plunging in and out of his warm chute until their youthful cum loads are ready to be splashed.

The shower of splooge covering Jude’s smooth chest and the mess he spurts from his own throbbing tool makes for the perfect conclusion.

Boyfun: My fuckboy is coming

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Sweet little twinks Jean Gilliam and Danny Bianchi are both so dreamy, but it’s always likely to become a wet dream whenever these two youthful and horny friends get together in the bedroom for a little BoyFun. With some suggestive texting back and forth the horny boys are soon on the same page and fuckboy Danny is ready to pay his friend a visit.

As soon as he arrives they’re getting down to their horny business, their hungry lips meeting and their greedy hands exploring. With very little patience for formalities the two are soon down to their sexy colorful undies, their cocks bulging temptingly within. Their smooth and lean bodies are quickly displayed, showing how similar these youthful pups are, but it’s the delicious uncut cocks ready to be sucked and stroked that really draw our attention.

With young boners throbbing and wet and the taste of sweet precum on their tongues, some foot wanking gets them ready for the real raw deal. Jean takes aim at the tight little twink hole his friend presents, easing inside and filling him up with his stiff bareback dick.

It’s clear the boy needed that naked cock inside him, the buggering from behind and the riding he endures when he slides his pucker down on his friend has him approaching the edge real fast.

Once the boy is on his back and savoring the pleasure of a deep prostate prodding he can’t hold his load inside for long, busting his thick milky cream from his hooded dick and taking a messy shower of semen all over his cute face as his gorgeous top jerks off over him.

It’s clear these two will find time for another afternoon fuckboy appointment within days.

Boyfun: Payment dicklined

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It’s a story as old and familiar as porn itself, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Gorgeous pizza delivery boy Finn Harper has arrived to satisfy young and twinky Gregor Gilead’s hunger but it seems the young man has misplaced his wallet. Oh well, there are other ways he can pay for his meal and of course Finn isn’t going to say no to a little BoyFun while on his afternoon shift.

It seems Finn is used to this scenario, and looking the way he does that’s probably not surprising.

Gregor makes his move and starts exploring the fit young delivery guy, his own slim body in perfect contrast to the tanned and toned physique of his sexy guest as the two strip down. With Finn’s big uncut cock presented, rigid and wet, young Gregor sucks on the head and wanks the shaft, enjoying the generous feast of sausage until his own long salami is revealed for the handsome lad to slurp.

Finn is no stranger to sucking a good customer dick, that’s obvious, but his hole licking is just as skilled. With his hand rubbing the boy’s erection and his tongue lapping the twitching pucker he gets his customer ready for the meaty injection he needs to deliver, sliding his helmet in deep and raw, giving the boy lots of filling.

His topping is a tasty treat, that’s for sure. With some awesome riding and a deeper thrusting with Gregor on his back Finn delivers the dessert the young man skipped when ordering, taking a mess of milky youthful cream over his cute face and splashing his own gooey mess from his desperate dick to finish.

It’s clear young Gregor is going to be ordering the same again real soon.

Morning meating

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Big dicked blond twink Josh Cavalin and his sexy young pal Jay Mantleray both know that the healthiest breakfast a young man could have to start the day is a deliciously big helping of hard dick, it’s no wonder they’re instigating some BoyFun as soon as they wake up.

It’s sensual and sexy as the more experienced Josh starts to explore his smooth and twinky new pal, their lips meeting while Josh’s hands play over that smooth body and down to the young man’s growing cock in his sexy little briefs.

Josh is the first one to seek out a taste, revealing his young friends bulging penis from his snug little underwear and servicing the engorged tool. Jay has a lovely cock, so stiff and meaty, his bulging helmet is soon glistening with precum and spit while his lover works his nob in his mouth, licking and sucking all over.

Even though little Jay is still new to playing with other boys he can’t wait to get his own mouth on his friend’s hard penis, returning the favor and getting in a little more practice. He’s learning to truly appreciate the taste of dick.

It certainly does the trick for both. Josh wants that hard cock in his raw little hole and Jay is super hard and ready to deliver, laying back and letting his friend impale his tight pucker down on the warm meat, easing up and down on the pointed prong.

Jay shows he’s learned a few things when he takes his buddy from behind, pumping his youthful penis in and out, then getting Josh on his back to take him to his creamy finish.

With his bottom boy’s cock spurting that fresh cream out over his smooth stomach Jay is soon ready to join in with his own, wanking his rigid cock in Josh’s cute face and giving him a protein packed tasty treat before they hit the shower and start their day.

Boyfun: Forbidden fruits

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It’s a quiet evening at home for cute boys Josh Cavalin and Ben Kingston, but when horny twink Beno Eker arrives with only one thing on his mind the scene soon turns from one of calm relaxation to one of desperate cock-loving BoyFun.

Josh can only watch the two making out for so long before he’s releasing his own hardening uncut cock from his jeans and enjoying a little rubbing, but it’s an obvious invitation for his friends to come to the couch and join him in a real feast of twinky delights.

And so, with clothes slipping off to reveal their similarly smooth and slim bodies the three are quickly trapped in a delicious feast of boner slurping. Every hard young cock in their little gang gets some serious mouth time, their hooded penises licked and sucked, their precum starting to flow with the tempting promise of more pleasure to come.

Indeed, when Josh finds himself kneeling between his friend with a tongue up his pucker and a big boner between his lips it’s clear that he’s decided to be the meat in their tasty sandwich.

Ben is the first to fill his hole with bareback inches, fucking their pal from behind while he continues to greedily gobble on Beno’s bone. Then it’s time to ride the dick he’s just been slurping, impaling his butt on the awesome meaty length while Ben feeds the top boy his own leaking prong.

Heading to the kitchen counter for some doggy style spitroast pleasures Ben gets a second shot at that snug little hole and Beno leaps up on the surface to feed their shared buddy his big throbber once again, it’s enough to take any greedy boy to the limits of cum-spewing pleasure.

With a final switch on the couch lucky boy Josh gets his milk fucked out of him, his semen splashing up his smooth little body, soon to be joined by the unloading prongs of his two top boys as their cum wads splash over his cute face and thoroughly satisfied dick and balls.

What a way to spend an evening at home.

Jawked: Benching bros

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Like most guys Rick Palmer usually gets super horny when he’s been working out, but it seems his step-brother Beno Eker didn’t know about this little fact when he finally agreed to come and lift some weights with him. He’s definitely not complaining when his bro decides to show him how boys finish their workout and deal with their gym dicks in this Jawked video.

Beno was already stiffening up the moment he arrived and that throbbing length isn’t exactly hard to spot in his snug shorts. Although Rick was probably thinking of saving the jack off fun until they hit the showers he just can’t help himself and decides to welcome his brother to the world of gym dicks right off the bat.

You know Beno isn’t complaining when his juicy cock is released from his shorts and Rick decides to start an oral workout. He envelopes the warm and meaty dick, sucking Beno’s impressive youthful tool with obvious skill. You have to wonder how many other workout buddies he’s sucked before finally persuading Beno to come and play.

We’re wondering how many of his workout buddies have sucked him in return the way Beno does, greedily sucking on the blond boy’s stiff inches while his own length strains for a hole to fuck.

Luckily that’s exactly what Beno intends to offer, bending over the weight bench and presenting his smooth and tight ass, taking that thick bareback boner deep inside before hopping on to take it for a ride and jacking his own urgent length.

The ass pumping fuck he gives his bro has Rick splashing his hot gym cum load over his smooth body, finishing with Beno wanking out his milky mess over Rick’s sweaty chest.

It’s the first time Beno has worked out with his bro but it’s definitely not gonna be the last.

Teen Gets Her Stink Hole Fingered Then Fucked

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Teen Gets Her Stink Hole Fingered Then Fucked
Barely Ripe Schoolgirls Series


Freshmen: Allan Aimée & Adam Archuleta

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Our sex tutor Adam Archuleta is so impatient waiting for his boy today that he decides to get started all by himself. When Allan Aimee arrives, the action immediately takes off as Adam is already so horny, he can’t restrain himself for a second longer.

Freshmen: Kevin Warhol & Yannis Paluan

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Yannis is always flattered by anyone admiring his body or his round butt. But it is a surprise even for him that a superstar of Kevin’s stature should show so much interest.

Freshmen: Jorik Tautou & Derek Caravaggio

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Derek Caravaggio loves being in front of the camera. He especially likes to be watched, either when touching himself, licking his armpits or playing with his hard cock. But today is a little different because he knows someone is waiting for him and he just can’t get the idea of fucking a cute guy out of his head. Especially when this ‘someone’ is Jorik Tautou. Even though it’s school time for Derek, he uses the opportunity to teach our ‘newbie’ a lesson. The foreplay is quite short because the main course is just too delicious to wait for. Jorik’s sexy ass is soon ready to take Derek’s uncut cock. Derek fucks him from behind and then flips him over onto his back. The messy ending proves how much these two like each other and we can only wonder what excuse Derek came up with for arriving late to his class.

Belamionline: Eluan & Olaf

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Power Bottom Olaf Mortensen Gets Fucked Raw On BelAmi Gay Porn Star Eluan Jeunet’s Huge Cock

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