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DVD: Bukkake Frenzy 2

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A 2DVD Set crammed full with hot twink action with a lot of fresh boy spunk flying around everywhere! These are the most jizzy scenes you will see this year and the good news is, they never end! Over 4 hours of excitement here!

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Limetid, Staxus Best of 2015 5DVD Bundle

Limited 5-Disc bundle featuring the very best STAXUS hits of 2015! With hour after hour of cock-sucking, ass-fucking, ball-busting action, you’ll find yourself wanking over and over and over again – but, best of all, at this uber-fantastic price you won’t be left with a hole in your pocket!! Avoid disappointment and grab STAXUS BEST OF 2015 DEAL today whilst stocks last!


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Raw Score DVDRunning time: 91 mins

Football’s always the biggest game in town, but when you add some of the hottest, fittest STAXUS fuck-buddies into the equation you’re bound to be on the winning side from kick-off to final whistle. Erik Franke, Noah Matous, Yuri Adamov, Arthur Kral and the gorgeous Pyotr Tomek join a team that’s definitely going places as they abandon their silky strips to enjoy some blistering cock-sucking, arse-fucking action! No extra time needed here, guys. By the time they’re heading for the showers, your balls will be drained and totally satisfied!

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Twink Hotel DVDRunning time: 103 mins

Young Leo Ocean is the stranger in town, looking for a place to stay – and where better than the so-called “Twink Hotel”? Here a young man can enjoy and experience everything his heart could possibly desire – from raw double-penetration to hot, creamy cum-facials. Florian Mraz, Victor Diamond and the ever-incredible Arthur Kral are just some of the gorgeous creatures who book in for the time of their lives. The only question that remains: do you have the stamina to join them for what promises to be the holiday of a lifetime …?

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Twinks In Heat DVDRunning time: 100 mins

Spring’s here and the sap’s rising, so it’s no big surprise that the STAXUS boys are feeling in the mood for action. And where better to meet and mate with other hot males during the breeding season than in the sauna? What’s more, with the likes of Carl Ross, Yuri Adamov and Sam Williams on the prowl, there’s no shortage of possible mating partners for the likes of new boys Ariel Glutton and Pyotr Tomek, as well as STAXUS stalwart, Lukas Leung. No doubt about it, springtime in the sauna is gonna be hotter than it’s ever been before …

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Snow Balls DVDRunning time: 92 mins

We gave them a holiday in the snow, but this gang of the hottest, horniest twinks wouldn’t so much as leave the chalet – and in fairness, who can fucking blame them? After all, if you were surrounded with the freshest, cutest flesh on the planet we’re sure you’d do exactly the same! So, if you’re looking for footage of snowball fights and building snowmen you’re gonna be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you’ve a craving for fresh-faced beauties like Noah Matous and Erik Franke then you’ve cum to the right place! A whole world of cock-slurping, ass-banging, jizz-spurting action awaits …

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Cum With Me! (Bare) DVDRunning time: 114 mins

Some boys are square and never know how to have fun. Don’t worry, though, that’s not the case with this superb collection of horny fuckers – lads like STAXUS exclusive, Pyotr Tomek and his fuck-buddies Jace Reed and Dick Casey. From porn stalwart, Lukas Leung, to new boy, Ryan Torres, these filthy-minded beauties play hard and fuck even harder; culminating in Sam Williams getting gang-banged by a collection of his horned-up mates and resulting in a cum-fest extraordinaire! Believe us, things are gonna get very hot and creamy!



Staxus.com – Monster Cocks: Tourist gives a helping hand & gets a meaty cock in return! HD

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Scene Title: Tourist gives a helping hand & gets a meaty cock in return! HD

Category: Monster Cocks

Featuring: David Sky, Dick Casey

Scene Lenght: 21 minutes

Release Date: June 18 2015


A careless (and potentially costly) mistake on the part of Dick Casey introduces the fellow to off-the-beaten-track tourist, David Sky – a young man who’s clearly very quickly taken by Casey’s wide-mouthed charms. Then again, maybe the accident wasn’t quite as “accidental” as the handsome stud would have us believe, especially given the manner with which he quickly grabs hold of Sky’s hand and lures the fellow back to his man-cave; whereupon the young twink is promptly stripped of his clothes and is soon rubbing himself up against Casey’s finely worked frame.

Of course, the contrast between these two fellows is pretty much undeniable – Casey’s mid-twenties physique set against Sky’s relatively petite body shape. As such, it really comes as no great surprise when Casey adopts the more dominant of the roles – first fingering his new pal’s tight little pucker, then burying his handsome rod deep inside the boy.

What may be more unexpected is the sheer power and energy with which the stud launches into the coupling – in fact, there’s every possibility that you might even feel that Casey’s assault on the poor lad’s fuck-hole is a tad over the top! Okay, so maybe that’s just a little bit unlikely; but spare a thought for young Sky as he’s pounded like a back-street whore in a whole variety of positions, moaning and groaning like a trooper and (to his credit) taking every single fucking inch that Casey musters! In short, it’s a truly stellar performance from the lad, who (not surprisingly) spews mid-fuck, before enjoying a full-on facial from Casey’s exploding shaft!


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Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic and (as all gay porn fans surely know) the home of some of the hottest, horniest twinks ever to grace the world of celluloid! It’s little wonder, then, that so many cock-hungry buddies should head to this wonderful city to enjoy the delights that this ancient city holds, in the hope surely of being a part of the spunk-draining action. Dick Casey, Shane Hirch and the ever-fabulous prince of fresh-faced fornication, Noah Matous, make this one holiday romp that no-one’s ever gonna forget in a hurry!

Scene from All That Jizz

All That Jizz
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Category: Gay – Anal | Bareback | Cumshot | Euro | Gay | High Definition | International | Orgies | Twink
Description: 50+ Boys, 4 Orgies! Can you handle all that jizz? 24 BelAmi Boys in the biggest condom-free orgy ever filmed! 120 Cum shots culled from our best orgies.
Starring: Danny Hensley, Dario Dolce, Dick Casey, Florian Nemec, Jack Harrer, Jaco Van Sant, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Jim Kerouac, Julien Hussey, Karel Ceman, Kevin Warhol, Marcel Gassion, Rick Lautner, Sascha Chaykin, Shane Barrett, Tom Pollock, Vadim Farrell, Vasek Konik
Studio: Bel Ami


Dirty-Fuckers: Little Johny Cruz gets his ass-hole seriously stretched in a double-dicking bonanza! HD

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Scene Title: Little Johny Cruz gets his ass-hole seriously stretched in a double-dicking bonanza! HD

Category: Dirty-Fuckers

Featuring: Dick Casey, Johny Cruz, Will Sims

Scene Lenght: 28 minutes

Release Date: May 19, 2014


It’s no fucking wonder that Johny Cruz is quite literally gagging for cock, trapped as he is at the start of the scene in a dark, dank dungeon with only a few candles for light. Geez, this boy probably hasn’t seen dick for months! But if anything his appetite for hard, uncut meat seems only to intensify even further once the fellow is back in normal surroundings with Dick Casey and Will Sims on either side! Then again, who wouldn’t be tearing at the bit in such terrific (and decidedly well-hung) company?

As such, it comes as no surprise that the lad is very quickly giving both his companions his fullest attention, slurping on all that rampant rod with youthful exuberance and quite clearly longing for the kind of ass-stretching that we all know is soon gonna cum his way – big time! Whether he’s quite prepared for just how turned on and ready for action Sims and Casey actually are, however, is another matter entirely; but suffice it to say that we don’t have to wait long before Sims is banging away at the lad’s ass whilst his team-mate thrusts his cock down Cruz’s throat.

Roles having then been quickly reversed, it’s soon time for proceedings to take on an even more intense nature, as both tops proceed to squeeze their shafts into Cruz’s ass simultaneously! It’s exactly the kind of filth that we just know is gonna appeal to a whole legion of fans out there; but things get even hotter when Cruz changes position and sits down on both shafts for a cowboy-style double-dicking that neither he (nor you) will ever forget! No question about it, his hole gets seriously stretched; and with a plethora of jizz to top proceedings off, this is one fuck you don’t want to miss!

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Monster Cocks: Dick Casey’s smokin’ hot ass gets the interracial double-penetration it deserves! HD

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Scene Title: Dick Casey’s smokin’ hot ass gets the interracial double-penetration it deserves! HD

Category: Monster Cocks

Featuring: Alejandro Marbena, Benjamin Dunn, Devon LeBron, Dick Casey

Scene Lenght: 20 minutes

Release Date: April 08, 2014


Now we’ve all heard of guys with smokin’ hot asses, but this stupendous suck-and-fuck-fest gives that figure of speech a literal interpretation as Benjamin Dunn teams up with Dominican studs Devon LeBron and Alejandro Marbena to provide Dick Casey’s rump the kind of rigorous workout it was created for! But it isn’t cock that Casey’s hole is entertaining – at least to start, anyway – rather (of all things) a cigarette, which Dunn fits snugly into the eager ring for a little comic relief. Not that Casey appears greatly perturbed by such unusual antics, which continue when his white compatriot stuffs the fag down the end of his cock and between his toes.

Clearly he knows that this is just a foretaste of the real action to come – and given that Casey’s in the company of two of the hottest, hardest black studs around he’s certain not to be disappointed. There’s something of a warm-up for the lad’s hole, however, when LeBron and Marbena lift the fellow up onto Dunn’s raw dick. But it’s what follows – a breathtaking double penetration – that really gives this four-way the edge, as Casey proceeds to accommodate two cocks up his ass whilst maintaining that trademark smile of his!

It’s a prize-winning achievement, that’s for sure; and it’s one that’s almost certainly gonna have guys around the world reaching for the Kleenex en-masse. Talking of which, we’ll leave you to speculate how much tissue was needed to clean up Casey once director John Smith called it a wrap, but when you see the quantity of jizz these lads produce you’ll know it was no easy task!

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