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Beno needs a backrub

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When cute little Beno Eker arrives seeking a little massaging relief he knows his adorable friend Jean Gilliam most certainly won’t refuse the opportunity. In moments the boy is on his stomach with Jean straddling his ass, his hands working the lad’s back with some appropriate lubrication, his fingers exploring his warm flesh and working out the knots. Of course, it’s not going to take long at all before the prospect of BoyFun is on both their horny young minds.

Ever ready to get his big uncut cock out for a friend to enjoy Beno is soon grasping for the buttons of his jeans and revealing his incredible shaft. This boy has one of the meatiest, juiciest cocks of all Jean’s friends and with a little wanking of that thick meat he’s got his lips around the shaft, working his buddy’s boner with skill.

It’s a delicious sight and no doubt Beno could lay back and enjoy it for a while yet, but he can’t wait to get his own lips around his friend’s equally tasty twink erection, returning the favor and savoring the clear nectar oozing from Jean’s pink hooded dick.

With their youthful bodies naked and their throbbing boners wet and desperate for more pleasure Beno turns his attention to the tight little pucker between Jean’s butt cheeks, licking him out a little and getting him ready for his raw inches.

The boy knows how to welcome a cock, even a thick one like Beno’s, his own balls and boner swinging beneath while he takes some deep pumping from behind. His rump stretches around the girthy penis when he takes a ride on his friend, his ass gaping wide in moments when he pauses and slides up for a little break. He’s soon back down on it again, needing more.

With such a big cock in his snug hole it’s no wonder the boy is eventually splashing his cum over himself, launching his thick milky mess over his gorgeous smooth body. It’s enough to have Beno pulling out to wank his own thicker meat, glazing the boy’s fucked hole and hairy taint with his own warm juices and bringing their no-so-innocent massage to a gooey finish.

We all know it was probably only days before Jean was asking for a massage in return, and getting that thick dick once again.