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Sexy Femdom Tgirl Melanie Brooks Dominates Alura Jenson and Brandie Mae

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You’re going to love this hot threesome Melanie has with blonde milf superstar Alura Jenson and Brandie Mae! These three are an amazing combination and you’ll trip when you see the shit they do to each other!

Venus Lux In His First Tranny

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Venus loves cute guys especially those who have never been with a tranny. She eases him to his first experience slowly by rubbing and sucking his cock before she pulls her’s out and has him enjoy a sixty nine together. Venus takes him from behind driving her big cock deep in his ass while reaching around and stroking him as well. She fucks him until they cum together and she licks the jizz off his chest.

Venus Lux Tops Johnny

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Some guys have all the luck. Johnny in bed with gorgeous goddess Venus, feeling her hand on his crotch, tasting her sweet lips, must feel like a lottery winner. He dives in when she pulls down her sexy black panties and gets a mouth full of her beautiful trans dick. Our goddess is in a dominant mood tonight, so it looks like he’s going to get that cock somewhere else, as well. She holds his shoulders and fucks his face, then he lies face up with head hanging down to make it even easier to take that fantastic golden love rod down his throat.nnHard as steel after his juicy blowjob, Venus gives her stud a mouthful of firm tight ass. In a giving mood, she bends forward to thrill Johnny with a sexy 69. He helps himself to a mouthful while he gazes at Venus’ sexy tight ass and we can see his cock stiffening even more. Venus wants him hard and ready for her, so she nibbles at his nipples while he writhes in sweet agony. Finally she positions at his butt and his legs fly up like they’re spring-loaded. She grabs a handful of his muscular butt cheek in each hand and drives in to the hilt. Johnny groans in deep ecstasy as he feels her trans cock sliding in and hitting his magic button. His hand goes to his cock, he can’t take too much of this stimulation before his dick sprays a thick load, and so Venus gives him a little break to catch his breath. When he’s back in possession of all his senses she sucks in the head of his cock while she smoothly beats the shaft. He loves every second, but desperately wants her back inside. nnJohnny crouches on all fours with ass up and Venus plows into his waiting hole. He beats off while she rams her cock in, then she takes over and strokes his cock while she fills his hungry ass. Time for him to cum and he starts pulling his dick for all its worth, spewing a thick creamy puddle onto the sheets below. Venus pulls out to spray her goddess juice across his chest. As the first drops hit his tender nipple, he smiles and gets his final lucky gift–a kiss from his gorgeous top, Venus Lux.