Tanishq Franchise Agreement

Tanishq currently plans to open more than 200 branches in at least 130 small towns over the next 5 years. Currently, the company has 275 exclusive stores in 170 cities. Of these, 226 franchises and 50 subsidiaries are owned by the company. Opening a Tanishq store in a small town costs about 15-20 Rs. Crore, while a large-format outlet Rs 40-50 Crore. Sandeep Kulhalli, senior vice president (retail and marketing) at Tanishq, said: “Well, they are competent, they know the heart of the company, they know the model, the management and the organization. We are more comfortable with these people. Kulhalli, on maintaining a healthy relationship with the franchisee, says, “We have annual events, frequent meetings, roundtables, discussions, etc. We have a co-operative team that passes the problems on to management. The company also handles merchandising, marketing campaigns, employee motivational activities and employee health insurance. In India, franchising is one of the best performing business models that has been taken up by some of the most established companies.

Titan is best known as a pioneering manufacturer of quartz feeders in India, which has also forged a niche in one of the most competitive positions in the fashion industry, such as jewelry and eyewear. Over the past three decades, Titan has expanded and explored markets and created leading brands in the watch, jewelry and eyewear categories. In this article, we examine the procedure for creating a titanium franchise in detail. Tanishq Stores – A jewelry-based franchise would require a start-up cost of approximately 150 lakhs Once the applicant applies to become a Titan franchise, Titan Team will contact you to understand the applicant`s needs and assess needs and location (if any). The contractor would then be asked to sign the agreement, a position that will share detailed BR business information with the franchise. Once the contractor has confirmed, Titan headquarters approves the interest in partnering with Titan and the app; The new Titan franchise must sign a franchise agreement. This agreement is valid for life. Titan will provide all kinds of support when stores open and even after stores or kiosks are commissioned. RKS was founded in 2008 by Ram Khiloni Agarwal, Asha Rani and Amit Agarwal.

The company operates a Tanishq jewelry theatre in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, as part of a franchise agreement with Titan.

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