Moving in with Dad

Mikes parents had split in his early teens, his dad had a job offer in London and his mother refused to move her boys and disrupt their lives. Their marriage had been on the rocks for years and this was the final nail. Mike was now a 22 year man, with his own life. A job offer came up in London, on a 3 month trial basis, instead of moving lock stock and barrel, he agreed to move in with his father. Sean was a stocky man in his mid-50, he made the most of the single life, and he had a small flat and never spent a Friday night alone. In the 3 weeks since he’d moved in he’s not seen the same woman twice, but had to listen through the thin walls as his father pounded and grunted with these women. Sometimes he couldn’t help but get hard listening to the live shows. The other difference between his life at his mums and dads was there were no locks in his father’s flat. It wasn’t uncommon for one to walk in on the other in the shower or bath, but neither seem bothered by the lack of privacy.

Now settled into his new life and work routine, mike logged on to tinder and started swiping. He made contact with a woman called Kate, a fiery redhead. She wasn’t in for the long haul, she wanted short term fun and no commitment. Mike arranged to meet her at his flat on a night his father was on a shift. A bottle of wine and some heavy kissing on the couch, Kate stood up and led him to the bedroom, she pushed him on the bed and did a sexy striptease. Lurking in her pants was a fine fur bush of glowing red head. Mike was going down on her when the front door opened, his father had returned home, a power cut had forced his company to send everyone home. Sean heard the moaning coming from his son’s room, the occupants were completely oblivious to his presence. He looked through his son’s door to see his hairy arse up in the air, his balls and cock dangling. As the session continued Sean would poke his head in. Now Kate was riding his son. He watched as his sons fat cock slip in and out of the sopping hole of his date. Sean readjusted his firm cock in his boxers and went to the fridge. He placed the beer on the counter far too heavy and audibly. Mike jumped to his feet and rushed out of his room. Still at full mast he encountered his father, who just stood, looked and raised his beer as well done. Mike returned to his date and after explaining his dad had come home unexpectedly, Kate shocked Mike. “Does he want to join us? it’s I’ve always wanted two guys at the same time”. Mike was hesitant and Kate pushed him back to the bed, she guided his cock back into her wet hole and rode him hard. What’s his name Mike, as she bit her lips as she ground herself on his manhood. “Sean” mike said hesitantly. “Oh Sean” she called out. NO answer came. Then she called out louder, “SEAN”. A stocky frame appeared in the doorway. ”Oh, Sean, my pussy is all full of cock, but my arse is feeling all empty, do you want to fill it for me” Sean and Mike exchanged confused looks, before Mike nodded and that was all the encouragement Sean needed. Sean dropped his trousers and positioned himself behind Kate. Kate fingered her hole before wrapping her fingers around Sean’s hard cock and guiding him into her tight arsehole. Mike felt his father’s cock slide all the way up his cock as he got deeper into Kates arse through her pussy wall.

Both men moaned loudly as their cocks ground together only separated by a thin skin wall. Mike was struggling to hold on, as Kate orgasmed, her pelvic contractions were too much as he blew his load deep into that red-haired pussy. “Sean, cum in my mouth” Kate asked. M Ike felt his father’s cock slide out of her tight hole and Mike watched as Kate wanked his father’s thick shaft into her mouth. Thick strings of cum shot from his cock onto her waiting tongue. With a wicked smile she licked her lips and said “We need to do this again”. The three made plans to meet up again a few days later.
Kate left the apartment with a kiss for both men. Mike and Sean collapsed on the sofa, both stark naked. “Well that was unexpected” Sean said. Mike was still in state of shock at the events. “Dad” mike said suddenly. “Could you know….?”, “know what?” Sean responded. “You know…feel me….inside her” “Yes Son, I felt that cock swell before it blew in her” They sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Before Sean got up and went to bed.
A few days past and the pair made plans to meet up with Kate again. The big night arrived and as Mike and his Father sat waiting, Mike’s phone beeped. “Sorry, works sucks, gotta stay late. Kxxxx”
Both men were disappointed and began to talk openly about the experience. “I just can’t believe how tight it was with both of us inside” Sean said. “I can’t work out if it was her pussy that felt good, or your cock sliding up and down my shaft” That sentence was meant to stay firmly in Mike’s head” The pair looked at each other in disbelief . “BEER!!” Sean broke the tension jumping up and heading to the fridge. The two men knocked back beers in silence. After an age, Sean said. It DID feel good. Then they should test the theory, only Kate was missing. Sean went into his room and emerged with some lube. Get those trousers down. “Come on…” Sean beckoned “Get him nice and hard”. Mike did as he was told. Both men stood face to face wanking their hardening cocks. Sean emptied some of the lube onto his cock, making it shiny and wet. Mike lay on the sofa. Sean got on his knees. Wrapping his hand around his son’s cock and then slide his cock up his son’s shaft and under his thumb. Father and son were now cock to cock, rubbing together. They moaned as they thrust skin to skin, their balls slapping together every so often. Sean felt his son’s cock expand and watched as a thick stream of cum erupted from his piss hole and over his stomach. This was enough for Sean to cum too. Thick globs of spunk covered his son’s cock and balls, as she slumped back his cock dragged over his sons arse. “So good” Mike muttered.
The two would cross paths regularly in the bathroom over the coming days. Neither felt any shame as they admired each-other’s manhood.
Friday night rolled around and Mike waited eagerly in his room, maybe his father would find another woman for a father son sandwich, but was left disappointed when Sean returned home alone. Sean had felt off his game, since the antics of the last week. He kept getting flash back to his son’s arse in the air as he ate out Kate. Sean’s cock would become instantly hard every time this vision entered his head.
Sean entered his son’s room. “Wanna do the cock thing again?” Mike nodded and began to rub his cock as his father went to retrieve the lube. Sean lubed up his hard cock again and again wrapped his fingers around both hard cocks. They ground their members together, then Sean slide his cock out of his fingers over Mikes balls and was now resting on his son’s virgin rose bud. They locked eyes and Mike pulled his knees up. His father placed both hands on the of his sons legs. Mike with one hand gently stroking his own cock and placed his father’s cock at his arsehole. Sean pushed, his lubed up cock started to split his son’s tight hole. Mike felt like electric and pain as his arsehole opened for his father. Now words were exchanged, but slowly and gently, Sean’s cock entered his son. When now ball deep he pulled back and slide deep again. Both men moaned as their forbidden tryst continued. Sean cock was stretching Mike’s hole to its max, but the pain/pleasure balance was enough that he was happy for his dad to continue. Mike wanked his cock hard and eventually could hold on. HIS shot a load up his belly. Pools in his pubic hair and one in his belly button. Sean watched and continued to pump his Son’s tight hole. Sean turned Mike over and began to fuck him hard from behind. Sean’s fingers dug hard into his son’s hips as his pulled him hard and fast onto his throbbing cock and then. His balls tightened. He pulled out of his son and fired a thick load up his back. Sean squeezed every drop onto Mikes arse and then put it back in for a few more strokes.
This encounter changed their relationship, both men were happy to be there for the others. Both would meet up with women, but two to three nights a week, they began to explore each other and their sessions grew longer and more varied as they both let their defences down and allowed their taboo lust out of the box.

The end

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