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dec 06

Kian O’Connor & Mario Texeira SEX SCENE 1

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Studio: Freshmen

Our “BootCamp” has important differences from its American counterpart. There will be no men in funny hats yelling at our boys. They’re similar in that they both involve intense “training” and that Luke was extremely structured with one activity or event following another. This creates a storyline that will run through the actual scenes. Thus, whenever possible, we will be presenting the scenes in the order they were filmed.

nov 17

Venus Lux Tops Johnny

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Some guys have all the luck. Johnny in bed with gorgeous goddess Venus, feeling her hand on his crotch, tasting her sweet lips, must feel like a lottery winner. He dives in when she pulls down her sexy black panties and gets a mouth full of her beautiful trans dick. Our goddess is in a dominant mood tonight, so it looks like he’s going to get that cock somewhere else, as well. She holds his shoulders and fucks his face, then he lies face up with head hanging down to make it even easier to take that fantastic golden love rod down his throat.nnHard as steel after his juicy blowjob, Venus gives her stud a mouthful of firm tight ass. In a giving mood, she bends forward to thrill Johnny with a sexy 69. He helps himself to a mouthful while he gazes at Venus’ sexy tight ass and we can see his cock stiffening even more. Venus wants him hard and ready for her, so she nibbles at his nipples while he writhes in sweet agony. Finally she positions at his butt and his legs fly up like they’re spring-loaded. She grabs a handful of his muscular butt cheek in each hand and drives in to the hilt. Johnny groans in deep ecstasy as he feels her trans cock sliding in and hitting his magic button. His hand goes to his cock, he can’t take too much of this stimulation before his dick sprays a thick load, and so Venus gives him a little break to catch his breath. When he’s back in possession of all his senses she sucks in the head of his cock while she smoothly beats the shaft. He loves every second, but desperately wants her back inside. nnJohnny crouches on all fours with ass up and Venus plows into his waiting hole. He beats off while she rams her cock in, then she takes over and strokes his cock while she fills his hungry ass. Time for him to cum and he starts pulling his dick for all its worth, spewing a thick creamy puddle onto the sheets below. Venus pulls out to spray her goddess juice across his chest. As the first drops hit his tender nipple, he smiles and gets his final lucky gift–a kiss from his gorgeous top, Venus Lux.

nov 10

Joaquin Arrenas & Enrique Vera


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Studio: Freshmen

This rare one stop flipflop scene comes to us courtesy or the model’s willingness to have fun and their eagerness to enjoy each other’s dicks in every way possible. So, when given the choice of “top or bottom” that day they both opted instead for “all of the above”. Enrique bottoms first, enticingly wagging his ass at Joaquin to get what he’s after. Apparently getting fucked increases Enrique’s horniness as evidenced by the sweat inducing energetic fucking he gives to Joaquin.

nov 09

Mega SALE just now

nov 03

Cumming of Age Scene 4 DOWNLOAD

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More Information
When cute rookie, Carl Sagan, declares to the camera that he’s bisexual and likes “young, handsome boys” – with hunky beaut Colin Horner sat behind him on the bed – you pretty much know straight off where this is all going. Putting the predictability to one side, however, is there anything hotter than watching some fresh-faced pup enjoying his first taste of life in front of the camera with someone so fucking gorgeous? Indeed, you can’t help wondering whether Sagan really appreciates how lucky he is to have such a fabulous co-star taking the lead; though in fairness the dark-haired new boy cannot be accused of holding back, as he dives deep into Horner’s briefs and starts to gobble away with all the ardour of an old-time pro. Such natural talent clearly impresses his horny co-star, that’s for sure; who promptly responds by savouring a bit of cock in his mouth for himself, before eagerly rimming Sagan’s arse and finally slipping his own badly swollen dick into the pup’s all-too-hungry guts. Cue an energetic and undeniably spunk-inducing romp that sees Horner show little mercy to his young charge; equalling Sagan’s heavy rupture with his own pucker-coating explosion!
Carl Sagan, Colin Horner
John Smith
Czech Republic
Bare Scenes
Run Time:
30 minutes
Release Date:

okt 10

The best time to masturbate in the day

Whether you are masturbating with our creative male sex toys or stroking with your hands : you might be masturbating at the wrong time of day. I know, I know – that sounds ridiculous, because we’re talking about masturbation here, which doesn’t seem to require a lot of planning. But, according to science, there is a specific time of day that you should be masturbating that might make it even better. I’ll break it down for you: the best time of day for you to masturbate is at night.


I know, you might have that feeling that you wanna do it at different times of the day, but hear me out. There is a very specific reason for why you should be masturbating before bed and not in the morning, and it’s important.

Not to get all sciencey on you, but there are a lot of side effects of masturbating. Not bad ones, of course, since masturbating is good for you and you should totally do it. But, it does affect your brain in a certain way. One way is by making you tired. When you masturbate, your brain releases a ton of chemicals. Some of them make you happy, others make you feel good, but one in particular make you tired AF, and that one is oxytocin

It can make you feel REALLY good, but it also has a sort of sedative-like effect that can put you in a sleepy-post orgasm trance that will make you feel like you don’t want to move. This means that after you masturbate, your body actually really wants  and needs rest. It’s kind of like why people always seem to fall asleep after having sex. Masturbating and sex in general can make you very tired, which is why you want to doze off

Obviously, it’s not terrible to masturbate during the day, but having an orgasm can do really weird things to your body, like make you tired and also make you temporarily lose your memory.Okay, that isn’t SUPER common,. So, it’s the best idea for you to masturbate when you’ve got nothing important to remember AKA, not before school or work.


Just sit back, relax, and make a night of it when you’re ~feelin yourself~. It will be worth it to wait until the night time, trust me.

jun 07

Amateur inked twink sucking and jerking cock

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mei 03

Karamba Sport

Karamba Sports is a gaming site that has been around for many years since launching its online gaming website already over 10 years ago, making Karamba a safe and secure community that players like to return to play. From the beginning, the players have only been able to play casino games, but today they have expanded their range of online games to include sportsbook in their portfolio, which means that it can now appeal to different types of players.

Karamba Sports has a good range of sportsbook offering, which comes from several of the leading game producers and can offer betting plays on a wide range of sports from sports markets around the world.

Karamba Sport Bonus

Take advantage of our exclusive bonus at Karamba Sport, giving you £10 free bet if you play for £10.

  • Click “Visit Karamba” button and register an account.
  • Deposit at least £10 and play for £10 to activate the bonus.
  • Max bonus is £10 of free games. This offer is for new UK customers only and is available once per household.

Karamba has a turnover claim on its bonus, which means you have to play for 1x bonus before the money is converted to the correct one.

Example: You deposit £10, play for £10 and get £10 in free games. You then need to wager (play) for your £10 once before you can withdraw the money. Each game must have at least 1.8 in odds for it to be counted against the turnover requirement.

Karamba Sports can also offer players a professional customer service that places the players in focus and this, along with offering players a lot of generous bonuses, makes Karamba Sports a very popular game page that has many loyal players from day one.

What to Expect

At Karamba Sports, players will find a very stylish design in the colors Gray, Purple, and Green. There are also a lot of animated pictures of main characters from the casino games that Karamba Sports offers games that certainly can help players get a bigger gaming experience when they play at Karamba Sports.

Karamba Sports is founded by industry veterans who have a long history in the gaming industry, both as players and operators, which means that they have significant knowledge and experience within the gaming company. This is also something that is noticeable if you look for a gaming environment, online gaming, customer service and the bonuses that you offer to their players.

Karamba Sports is run by UK licensed company Aspire Global International Ltd. Aspire Global International also handles many other successful casinos online, which allows Karamba Sports to offer players a safe and secure gaming environment.

Advantages of Karamba Sport

  • Have a good range of odds games from a wide range of sports markets
  • A safe and well-established gaming site that offers online gaming for over 10 years
  • Has a fun gaming environment, even for mobile devices
  • Can offer a game environment, information and a customer service in English (and other languages)
  • Generous bonuses

Karamba on the phone

Karamba Sports has been able to offer players who choose to play with mobile devices an optimized and fun gaming environment for many years, which means Karamba Sports knows what expectations players have in a mobile gaming environment, which is what Karamba Sports is a treat in mobile. At Karamba Sports, players can find a good range of mobile betting options that make players not to miss their favorites while on the move. You can also bet on live games and follow up match results in their mobile device. No app is required to play at Karamba Sports, but instead, the browser plays on mobile devices that use the Android or iOS operating systems.

Game Selection

Now that Karamba Sports will also be able to offer its players the opportunity to bet on high odds, players can look forward to a very good range of betting games on a large number of sports at Karamba Sports. At Karamba Sports you will be able to bet on a large number of leagues, championships, and many other sporting events, enabling players to bet on their favorite teams and their favorite leagues.

At Karamba Sports you will find in-play bets on sports such as football, ice hockey, bandy, American football, rugby, cricket, baseball, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, badminton, boxing, golf, formula 1, athletics, winter sports and probably not-so-known sports such as chess, snooker and e-sport.

At Karamba Sports, you will also be able to add odds to some cultural events such as the Nobel Prize, the Oscars, and various political events in several different countries.

Live Betting

For those players who want to bring out more entertainment and excitement when they bet on sports, players will be able to find a very good range of sports events during live betting as well. Here players can bet on ongoing matches, which means that players get the chance to see how the game develops before they choose to place an odds game, which means that the players themselves can influence their winning chances.

During live betting, it will be possible to add sports betting on sports such as football, ice hockey, bandy, basketball, volleyball, American football, baseball, golf, formula 1, boxing and many other sports.

During live betting, you can play on a variety of game variations such as half-time, full-time results, next goalkeeper, next yellow card or any team that gets the next corner.

Deposit, withdrawal and customer service

When players make deposits or withdrawals to and from their box office at Karamba Sports, there are a number of the most common payment methods that players can use. At Karamba Sports, players find payment methods such as bank transfer, Trustly, VISA, MasterCard, Paysafecard, Neteller, and Skrill.

Normally, Karamba Sports handles a withdrawal request within 24 hours, provided that the players have verified their identity before the first withdrawal.

If the players are having a problem or if there are any questions then you can get quick and knowledgeable help from the UK-speaking staff at the customer service. You can get in touch with the customer service through a live chat at the casino, by telephone or by e-mail, if the case is not of an acute nature. The customer service is open every day of the week between 08:00 and 01:00. There is also some information to be featured at the casino where players can get answers to many of the most common questions about registration, deposits, and bonuses.

Karamba Sport Summary

At Karamba Sports, players will be able to get a big betting experience and lots of fun. Karamba Sports has a very enjoyable gaming environment which makes players quickly get in the right mood when playing at Karamba Sports. At Karamba Sports, the players will find a good sportsbook that comes from the most popular game makers, but also a good range of sports betting and live betting on a variety of sports markets across the globe.

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apr 01

Horny Veg Play Leads To A Hot Raw Fuck & A Top-Notch Facial!

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Category: Raw
Featuring: Max Grey, Vittorio Vega
Scene Length: 21 minutes
Release Date: March 15, 2018


It’s not unusual for a horny young lad to want to experiment with themselves, so it should come as little surprise to anyone that handsome beaut, Max Grey, often gets the urge to enjoy a bit of private play – in this particular instance with a mighty fine looking cucumber in hand. Needless to say it isn’t long before the lad is putting the said vegetable to very good use – thrusting it up his rear dildo-style, as well as rubbing it against his thick, aching shaft. As it turns out, however, he’s clearly not the only youngster who finds the sight of a cucumber just a little too much to bear. Cue the arrival of new boy, Vittorio Vega, into the fray – a cute, wholesome gem, who promptly joins his mate in toying phallically with the veg, before diving down into Grey’s crotch to eagerly savour that other essential of a hearty meal, namely meat! It’s a love that Grey understands only too well, of course – as has been testified in previous outings with the boy – and it’s not long before the fellow is replicating the oral gymnastics on Vega’s shaft in return; prior to positioning himself underneath his buddy’s rump so that he can energetically rim the lad’s arse-hole. In the end, however, it’s Grey’s own hungry pucker that finally serves as the focus of the action; as Vega buries the entire length of his handsome ramrod deep into the guy’s guts in a succession of positions. Grey, to his credit, takes every stroke like a pro; before ultimately spewing the contents of his nads over his own belly. Yet it’s arguably the sight of Vega jizzing Grey’s face with a volcanic wad that will generate most acclaim!


feb 14

New underwear

jan 23

Sexy gay boys on webcams

live-cam-boys-22 live-cam-boys-02 live-cam-boys-14

Don’t miss such a great opportunity to discover the kinky world of the dirty-minded cam boys, who never stop dreaming about hardcore butt-fucking! Those naughty twinks and horny cam boys are ready to involve in teen gay sessions anytime, as long as they manage to indulge themselves a huge amount of breathtaking lechery and absolutely unforgettable orgasms! They can never get enough of breathtaking banging and hereby, keep on coming up with new ways of satisfying themselves during live gay teen scenes!

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Don’t miss such a great opportunity to discover the kinky world of the dirty-minded cam boys, who never stop dreaming about hardcore butt-fucking! Those naughty twinks and horny cam boys are ready to involve in teen gay sessions anytime, as long as they manage to indulge themselves a huge amount of breathtaking lechery and absolutely unforgettable orgasms! They can never get enough of breathtaking banging and hereby, keep on coming up with new ways of satisfying themselves during live gay teen scenes!

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100% Free Gay Live Webcams

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As result, you can enjoy anytime an exclusive collection of high-quality fucking sessions filmed by our gay live cams! Moreover, we make sure all our kinky collections are updated with some fresh and astounding solo scenes, ass-banging, dick-sucking, cumshot-swallowing and shaft-riding scenes by our skillful teen gays! There are no doubts that you will surely enjoy all that dirty stuff organized in front of our web cameras. Our dirty-minded gays know the best means of reaching wildest orgasms!

live-cam-boys-13 live-cam-boys-15 live-cam-boys-16

jan 19

Bangkok Tours, Tickets, Activities & Things To Do

Thailand generally one of the most welcoming holiday spots in the world for gay travellers. When it comes to nightlife, Patong may be best known for Bangla Road’s hostess bars and go-gos, but there is also a mirror-opposite part of the city, where the bar girls are bar boys: the Paradise Complex. Connected to the Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa, the complex consists of a couple of streets of gay-centric guesthouses, restaurants, shops, clubs and bars. Among the places listed below – and the many which didn’t make the top 10 – you will find host bars (similar to beer bars or hostess bars, but the friendly bar girls are boys), go-go bars (featuring male dancers, often with a ladyboy cabaret show, too) and clubs (just like a standard nightclub, but attracting a gay crowd).

Book here your hotels:staygayhotels,com


Behalve Staygayhotels they can offer you many discounts on ticket and tours in Thailand.


Your Twinks and More crew wish you a very good holiday in Thailand, enjoy.



jan 11

Who doesn’t need a little #relaxation?!

foto van

Who doesn’t need a little #relaxation?!

When you hear ‘gay holidays’, you might think about gay parties, gay cruises etc. This isn’t the case here! Relaxing #gay vacations should be on your schedule surely once in a year since the stress builds up without even realizing it.

So… why don’t you stay in this hotel whose rooms are actually tree-houses?!

See the Hotel ->


Book your stay@


nov 27

Scene from I Know You Like Girls

I Know You Like Girls
Watch Full HD movie now in

Category: Straight – All Girl | All Sex | High Definition | Lesbian
Description: Girlfriends Keisha Grey and Shyla Jennings each confess that they cheated.
Starring: Keisha Grey, Shyla Jennings
Studio: Girlsway, Web Young

okt 04


If you like gayporn, watch everywhere free movies…. now we have a total new site with only HD movies.
Daily added new movies from the best studios in many category’s.


It is all free, because it is on the tumblr server, you need to make a tumblr account but thats all.
Twinks, men, bareback, BDSM, older with younger, asianboys, teenboys, bears and much more so find it out yourself.

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