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dec 30


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JD Black has great taste in guys, sexy Ron Negba knows he can turn to his sweet little wingman to help him get some BoyFun. It just so happens that a gorgeous boy is right around the corner, within moments of sending him a message David Sky is ringing the doorbell and coming inside to get some cock. JD leaves them to it, no doubt planning his own fun with someone else, leaving the boys to get to know each other. It doesn’t take a moment before they’re making out, barely introducing themselves before they’re exploring each other, releasing their hard young erections and swapping their wet cocks. Both David and Ron have awesome dicks, hard and juicy, throbbing with delight at the prospect of some deep anal action. Each gets his fill, licking and sucking on the other’s tool, sharing the taste of precum between them until Ron finds himself bent over with a tongue up his snug little hole. David laps at his delicious little pucker, licking out his new buddy and preparing him for his meat, savoring the musky crevice while he probes the boy. Sitting back on the couch and presenting his prized piece of manhood David invites his host to take a seat, an offer quickly accepted. Ron eases his naked hole down, filling himself with his guest’s warm shaft, fucked raw while his own dick bounces around. As their moans of pleasure echo around the room the slim young twink takes it from behind on the floor, his cock and balls swinging between his thin thighs with every thrust. David goes deeper still when he gets his new pal on his back, on the couch and buggered with slow and sensual strokes until the pleasure becomes too much. A splashing eruption of cum launches from his hooded cock, his hole twitching and pulsating around David’s shaft, encouraging him to release his boner from the boys well-worked hole to spew his own milky goo all over the boy’s abs. It might have been just a convenient hook up but it seems these two adorable boys have both found a long-term fuck buddy!


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dec 06

Kian O’Connor & Mario Texeira SEX SCENE 1

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Studio: Freshmen

Our “BootCamp” has important differences from its American counterpart. There will be no men in funny hats yelling at our boys. They’re similar in that they both involve intense “training” and that Luke was extremely structured with one activity or event following another. This creates a storyline that will run through the actual scenes. Thus, whenever possible, we will be presenting the scenes in the order they were filmed.

nov 10

Benoit Ulliel & Tommy Poulain

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Studio: Freshmen

Tommy is topping for the first time and is extremely excited over the prospect. He can’t wait to get Benoit naked with legs up in the air. We were careful in choosing an accommodating partner for him. We were afraid someone with the enthusiasm of Pip or Liam may have overwhelmed him. Benoit’s gentle and sweet nature proved a great choice and the proof is in the pounding. Benoit’s moans and cumming while getting fucks shows that Tommy is both an excellent bottom and a fine top.

nov 03

Room Service Cums When Called

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Horse hung boy Gabe Isaac is definitely one for all the greedy guys. This slim and slight young man is the twinkiest little hottie we’ve ever seen, but he’s packing one of the biggest lengths of thick cock! He’s in the shower cleaning up when hotel worker Casper Ivarsson arrives to deliver some towels, but the moment he gets a look at that incredible cock he can’t take his eyes off it! It’s entirely understandable, when confronted with a dick that impressive no guy would possibly be able to say no to some BoyFun. Being a professional in the hospitality business Casper isn’t one to shy away from making a guest’s stay as memorable as possible, which he’s soon doing when he leads the young man to the couch by his big meaty cock, his own length hard and throbbing out of his shorts. Once they reach the couch the two start in on one of the most deliciously hot sucking sessions you’re ever going to see. Swapping their tools back and forth Casper gets his skills stretched to the limit, slobbering all over the boys huge dick, licking his massive cock head and then getting into a 69 for some perfect mutual oral. Perhaps wisely Casper offers his dick for the young man to ride, opting to be the one buggering butt rather than attempting to take that huge boner in his butt. It’s a good decision, young Gabe loves to ride a naked cock and take a deep fucking from a boy like Casper, finishing with a messy load pumping out all over his stomach and an big squirting wad firing off over his face from Casper’s pumping penis!

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nov 03

Gorgeous boys David Sky and Nick Danner make a perfect couple

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Gorgeous boys David Sky and Nick Danner make a perfect couple, everyone who sees them agrees. The boys are perfectly matched, in every way you can imagine, but especially in their love of hard young cock and penetrating bareback action. The two are getting friendly out in the sun when their lust begins to spill over, quickly encouraging them to head inside and straight to the bedroom. With t-shirts off their smooth bodies are revealed, quickly being explored by roaming hands. With the sunlight streaming through the window they ease off their shorts and reveal their bulging erections for each other to play with, a feast of hard and fresh young cock for them to share. Sweet David starts the oral fun, tasting his lover’s cock while his own engorged length pulsates and throbs. It’s such a big dick, but Nick knows how to work it with his tongue and lips, bobbing up and down on that thick tool and tasting the precum leaking from his sheathed tip. After trading their dicks and greedily gobbling each other for as much as they can endure without getting too close to unloading they’re finally ready to take it all the way. Nick hovers over his friend, easing his ass down on that thick meat and slowly filling himself up, riding his pal and bouncing up and down on that delicious dong. Taking it from behind and spooning too he strokes himself off, moaning with pleasure as his friend thrusts in and out of his aching hole, prodding his prostate and sending waves of bliss through his slim young body. Finally unable to take any more David eases his cock out of his lover and wanks off over him, splashing his naked body with cream and triggering Nick’s own climax. With their loads spent for the afternoon the two kiss once more before heading to the bathroom, where their dicks are probably quickly ready for another turn!

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aug 24

Brief Encounter

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This is a preview of exclusive BFCollection video “Brief Encounter“. You can watch the video online or downloadto your computer or mobile device! Simply become a member for as low as $13.25 a month!

jun 14

Horny Boys Threesome Fuck Orgy

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Andy and Marco are relaxing in their beds, when Taylor comes in to joke about the sounds he heard coming from their room the night before. Not shy, the boys offer to put on a little demonstration for their friend that begins with kissing, followed by some cock sucking. Taylor can’t resist the temptation and joins in. First Marco fucks Andy, and then Andy fucks Taylor. Marco jerks off while watching them fuck and shoots his load on Taylor, just as Taylor cums. Andy soon follows, delivering his own sticky load.

jun 09

Straight Married Man Still Has Bareback Love 4 His Friend

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Gunner is jerking off as Scott Finn walks in. Scott joins & masturbates too. They used to fuck, but now that Gunner is straight & married, their fun is over but they bareback one last time!

jun 09

Redhead dude Josh Dixon fingering ass and hard jack off

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jun 09

Innocent teen boys Randi & Alexandre Lee can’t resist

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Innocent boys Randi & Alexandre can’t hold back their urges when they’re together. Their hard cocks throb with excitement as they explore each other and take it all the way, for their enjoyment.

jun 09

Twink boy Alexandre Lee first time cumming on video

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Alexandre Lee is a horny young star, still learning about his body and exploring solo pleasure before sharing his cock and ass with another of our stars. Watch his first time stroking on camera!

jun 08

Handsome Shaun Mann bangs his naughty friend Skylar Blu

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jun 06

Beach Speedo Twinks

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After meeting at the beach, in their speedos, these 18yo guys head home and their speedos kind of come off. These young guys know how to fuck!!!

mei 28

NOW PLAYING: Teen Rentboy Project

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Dads want laid, teens want paid! Clay along with some of his buddies are on the prowl for some hot teenage ass, and it doesn’t take long for them to find it.

apr 01

Blond Bitch Gets To Ride Fresh Uncut Dick To A Sticky Climax! HD

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Category: Raw
Featuring: Navon Raffi, Ron Negba
Scene Length: 27 minutes
Release Date: March 29, 2018


With its glossy backdrop – which includes a rather impressive looking garden beyond the windows of the film-set – it’s hard not to get the feeling of quality in this torrid little escapade between Ron Negba and STAXUS newbie, Navon Raffi. That said, we’ve more than a sneaking suspicion that you won’t be admiring the view outside once Raffi approaches the camera, whips off his clothes and begins to play with that delightfully uncut shaft of his; teasing the skin for our crude entertainment and ensuring that his ramrod swells to maximum effect. Indeed, any lingering sense of admiration for the setting will surely be eliminated totally once Negba appears in the fray; as the blond wonder jumps straight down into his new mate’s crotch and begins to slurp on every swollen inch that’s groaning out for attention. Unable to resist his own share of hard dick, Raffi promptly falls back onto the table so that the two lads can engage in a hot, sensuous session of 69-ing; which itself also presents the new lad with the opportunity to greedily rim Negba’s arsehole. And indeed, it’s Negba’s pucker that quickly becomes the centre of attention altogether; as the ever-insatiable slut takes the opportunity to plonk himself down on Raffi’s lap so that he can ride the fellow’s joystick for all he’s worth. As always, there’s no half-hearted measures from this boy, as he takes every fucking inch that Raffi has to offer in a series of positions; finally culminating in him spewing for all he’s worth missionary-style. All of which gives the noob the grand opportunity to mark his arrival by creaming Negba’s face!


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