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Shower Sex 2 New on DVD!

Shower Sex 2



Run Time: 98 minutes
Released: February 18th 2021

Starring: Dustin Cook, Julian Bell, Riley Finch, Sebastian Fox, Ryker Madison, Dustin Gold, Leo Frost, Max Carter, Bryce Foster, Tristan Adler

Wet, wild, and workin’ hard on cock, these dirty boys “attempt” to get clean in the shower. Instead, the filthy fuckers find more fun in getting grimy with other gorgeous guys, and put the shower to steamy use! But, these sultry studs don’t stop there, they use the counter, floor, and of course shower stall to take their buddies to pound town, giving them a shower of their own with some serious dick!

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Bathroom Bang Shower Buddies
Gimme the Towel! Take It
Cum Join Me

Kept on a Short Leash DOWNLOAD

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Being incarcerated and behind bars might not be everybody’s idea of heaven, but rest assured this fine collection of studs are most definitely making the most of the opportunity to enjoy some wild and explicit action with some of the hottest, horniest brutes ever collected together in one jailhouse. Suffice it to say they don’t waste a minute as they strip off and enjoy every thick, meaty inch on offer; giving and receiving in equal measure to ensure a hardcore ride of streamy man-on-man action each and every time. Whether they’re pleasuring themselves or each other, these jailbirds aren’t ever happy until their heavy sacs are well and truly emptied!

Asian Twink Network – Volume 10 DOWNLOAD

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What a mix there is in this gay Asian porn collection! It has everything from a sexy Asian twink beating off solo to a very hot spit roasting threesome. And in between there’s plenty of naked Asian boys sucking dick, rimming ass, shoving dildos up their butt and fucking each other bareback. Every scene ends with the boys shooting their warm cum onto silky smooth skin and jizz hungry lips. All of you gay Asian twink porn fans will surly find this hot barebacking compilation a real keeper.
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Tight Ends DVD

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Special guest director Colby Chambers filmed these four bareback, fuck filled, football fantasy scenes with all your favourite Helix hotties. These sexed up scenes are stuffed to the bursting point with football boys bareback banging their tasty teammates till they score seed splashing touchdowns! This sport lovers fantasy has it ALL, with two scenes of twosomes and the others scenes are stunning indoor AND outdoor orgies packed with the biggest boned twinks and hottest bubble butts we’ve got! These country dudes are all on the same team and always initiate newbies nasty and naughty. Jailbait Joey Mills soon finds out when the footballers ALL ball HIM in the back of a pick up truck in a fuck filled field! Several other superstars are on this dick heavy dream team as well like: Sean Ford, Zach Taylor, Colton James and colossal cocked Corbin Colby, who tops AND bottoms in this epic epic lust letter to jock lovers everywhere. Fucking is DEFINITELY a team sport for these fantasy football boys! Ultra hot gay twink bareback DVD!

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Twink Vacation Deal 5DVD Bundle $30


Limited 5-Disc bundle featuring some of the very best holiday action that STAXUS has ever produced! With hour after hour of outdoor cock-sucking, ass-fucking, ball-busting action, you’ll find yourself wanking over and over and over again – but, best of all, at this uber-fantastic price you won’t be left with a hole in your pocket!! Avoid disappointment and grab TWINK VACATION DEAL today whilst stocks last!

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Limetid, Staxus Best of 2015 5DVD Bundle

Limited 5-Disc bundle featuring the very best STAXUS hits of 2015! With hour after hour of cock-sucking, ass-fucking, ball-busting action, you’ll find yourself wanking over and over and over again – but, best of all, at this uber-fantastic price you won’t be left with a hole in your pocket!! Avoid disappointment and grab STAXUS BEST OF 2015 DEAL today whilst stocks last!


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Raw Score DVDRunning time: 91 mins

Football’s always the biggest game in town, but when you add some of the hottest, fittest STAXUS fuck-buddies into the equation you’re bound to be on the winning side from kick-off to final whistle. Erik Franke, Noah Matous, Yuri Adamov, Arthur Kral and the gorgeous Pyotr Tomek join a team that’s definitely going places as they abandon their silky strips to enjoy some blistering cock-sucking, arse-fucking action! No extra time needed here, guys. By the time they’re heading for the showers, your balls will be drained and totally satisfied!

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Twink Hotel DVDRunning time: 103 mins

Young Leo Ocean is the stranger in town, looking for a place to stay – and where better than the so-called “Twink Hotel”? Here a young man can enjoy and experience everything his heart could possibly desire – from raw double-penetration to hot, creamy cum-facials. Florian Mraz, Victor Diamond and the ever-incredible Arthur Kral are just some of the gorgeous creatures who book in for the time of their lives. The only question that remains: do you have the stamina to join them for what promises to be the holiday of a lifetime …?

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Twinks In Heat DVDRunning time: 100 mins

Spring’s here and the sap’s rising, so it’s no big surprise that the STAXUS boys are feeling in the mood for action. And where better to meet and mate with other hot males during the breeding season than in the sauna? What’s more, with the likes of Carl Ross, Yuri Adamov and Sam Williams on the prowl, there’s no shortage of possible mating partners for the likes of new boys Ariel Glutton and Pyotr Tomek, as well as STAXUS stalwart, Lukas Leung. No doubt about it, springtime in the sauna is gonna be hotter than it’s ever been before …

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Snow Balls DVDRunning time: 92 mins

We gave them a holiday in the snow, but this gang of the hottest, horniest twinks wouldn’t so much as leave the chalet – and in fairness, who can fucking blame them? After all, if you were surrounded with the freshest, cutest flesh on the planet we’re sure you’d do exactly the same! So, if you’re looking for footage of snowball fights and building snowmen you’re gonna be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you’ve a craving for fresh-faced beauties like Noah Matous and Erik Franke then you’ve cum to the right place! A whole world of cock-slurping, ass-banging, jizz-spurting action awaits …

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Cum With Me! (Bare) DVDRunning time: 114 mins

Some boys are square and never know how to have fun. Don’t worry, though, that’s not the case with this superb collection of horny fuckers – lads like STAXUS exclusive, Pyotr Tomek and his fuck-buddies Jace Reed and Dick Casey. From porn stalwart, Lukas Leung, to new boy, Ryan Torres, these filthy-minded beauties play hard and fuck even harder; culminating in Sam Williams getting gang-banged by a collection of his horned-up mates and resulting in a cum-fest extraordinaire! Believe us, things are gonna get very hot and creamy!



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