Anniversary Of An Agreement

If an agreement between the company and the policyholder is failed to change the rate or rates (s), a termination may occur until the anniversary of the policy to which such termination takes effect. The Company will cash this bond in 24 equal tranches of principal and interest accrued monthly from one (1) anniversary of the month after [read one month after] the first closing date. But as far as the ability of the bone head is concerned, I don`t think we can beat the 12th anniversary, as at the end of the 12 months of that resignation date. The adjective phrase of 12 months is superfluous! 9.2 The service contract is continued for the initial period and after, until it is terminated by one of the parties. Subject to Article 15, the contract can only be terminated by a contracting party who co-notifys in writing (“notification”) no later than 3 (three) months before the next anniversary of entry into force. The communication enters into force and the agreement is deemed terminated on the next anniversary of its entry into force. By default, it`s forward-looking, but here`s an example where it`s retrograde, even if it`s inconsistent. 10.2 The participant undertakes not to reproduce, disseminate, broadcast, broadcast, broadcast, disseminate, disseminate or use commercially this data or information without EDI having expressly authorized such data or information, or to use such data or information for illicit purposes or for purposes contrary to the terms of that agreement or to those of a separate agreement that EDI has disclosed. the “anniversary month” subscriber refers to the month in which the limited liability company`s jubilee occurs. Below are some EDGAR examples with the anniversary month. Each birthday month is not used as a defined term. This simplifies things, but also makes it easier for readers to turn their wheels a little during the anniversary month. In each example, the text is in italics and in parentheses, followed by my preferred alternative text, even in italics and in parentheses.

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