Agreement Faces

After years of debate, the European Parliament and the German Presidency of the Council of the EU have reached an interim agreement that would allow the EU to reduce capital financing if they abandon the obligations under the rule of law in a way that jeopardizes the UNION`s financial interests. J.-C. 1, “The nomenclature of the agreement,” provides a brief overview of the W-Z`s vision of the characteristics of the agreement. The variation is relevant only at the morphological level; Case is a morphological and syntactic characteristic of concord; The number is relevant at all levels. Gender is relevant to syntactic and index concord and semantic level; and the person is only relevant to the syntactic index and semantics. W-Z supports this typology by indicating the lack of evidence as to the relevance of these characteristics at other levels. They assert, for example, that the case is never relevant to an indexation agreement or to a semantic/pragmatic agreement, although it is clearly relevant in a concord agreement and in the morphological declination. These arguments are generally characteristic, although some of his assertions may be disputed: Nikolaeva (2003) has thus found that a concord agreement may have personal characteristics, contrary to the order of characteristic proposed by W-Z. Even more important for their claims are the evidence they present for feature asymmetries, cases where a function takes different values at different levels. J.-C.

2, “From Morphology to Concord,” shows that Skordis case and number characteristics are closely related to the morphological case and number, although semantic differences may occur, such as when male own names in Serb/Croat end in a decrease in Class II, a class normally reserved for substant women. J.-C. 3, “From Concord to Index,” presents in more detail the syntactic theory of concordance characteristics and focuses on the differences in number and sex between the characteristics of concord and index. Evidence of disproportion comes from substantives that show a different number and correspondence with determinants and modifiers than verbs, such as Serbian/Croatian deca “children” showing the singular agreement of female harmony with nomin modifiers, but a pluralized indexing agreement with the verb. J.-C. 4, “From Index to Semantics,” analyzes the relationship between index characteristics and semantic characteristics. nouns such as the French sentry, which are grammatically feminine, but which can relate to male individuals, illustrious shifts; The chapter also deals with grammatically impregnated names, such as journalistic “journalists,” whose gender of the index [final page 449] is determined by its semantic reference. J.-C.

5, “Synthesis: The hierarchy of the revisited agreement,” summarizes the theory and explains its assertions about the relationship between the different aspects of the agreement and its predictions that only certain discrepancies can occur. This chapter also provides a functional explanation for Corbetts (1979) hierarchy of agreement regarding the theory that is being developed. I found these chapters fascinating; the analysis is detailed, well-motivated and persuasive, and it seems to have the potential to enable a new and interesting treatment of many delicate problems that have plagued the previous work on the agreement and the many puzzles it represents. In announcing his decision to withdraw from the agreement, Trump said in 2017 that it was a bad deal for the United States. “The Paris climate agreement is simply the latest example of the Washington agreement that penalizes the United States for the exclusive benefit of other countries,” Trump said. He added that “American workers – whom I like – and taxpayers who abandon costs in the form of lost jobs, lower wages, closed factories and very low economic output.” Today`s agreement is a historic agreement for all Europeans,” said Manfred Weber, president of the centre-right European People`s Party, the largest political group in Parliament.

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